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Almond Milk

I had an iced almond milk vanilla latte today. Almond milk instead of regular milk. Although I am a vegetarian I am still eating and using animal products. I eat milk products, eggs and cheese. I have leather purses and pants. I do feel bad about that sometimes. So I am going to make another small step in the right direction (for me) and do the almond milk in my lattes instead of regular milk at least half of the time I get a latte from now on. I do not like soy milk. Or tofu.
Dairy cows don't live lives free from cruelty either. The chickens that lay the eggs we buy in large super markets are probably not happy. I know all of this and I think about it. And it makes me feel bad. I don't want to hurt animals, I don't even kill flies or other insects except mosquitoes.

A dream for me would be to one day have an animal sanctuary. To help animals in need, give them a safe forever home or a foster home until they can find a forever home. It doesn't have to be a large sanctuary. Even helping a few animals is better than not helping at all.
While doing research on animal sanctuaries I came across what Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey are doing for animals. What amazing human beings! I admire them both. Tracey Stewart also wrote a book called Do Unto Animals . I want that book.
Practice kindness to all. ❤


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