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So almost a week ago now Chhaya had a seizure.
The day started out normal, we went to the park and played.

Look at the rascal!

After the park we did errands, when I pulled up and stopped the car at the house I noticed the wanted to vomit. So I quickly got her out of the car and she threw up and immediately afterwards collapsed to her side and started convulsing. It felt like forever, I thought she was dying in front of me. All I kept saying was,, baby, baby! I thought my life was over too.
Some people came over, the man said it was OK, that was a seizure, that she would be fine. I was crying by now......panicked.
She came about and sat up, disoriented and whining. I got her in the car, my feet all scraped up from the pavement (I was wearing flip flops and when Chhaya collapsed I threw myself on the ground).
I drove straight to the emergency vet where they observed her and drew blood to test it. Everything came out normal.

We went home, she was still a bit wobbly and she rested......

Later on she was back to normal and we went for a walk and then she wanted to play with all her binkis. But I made sure she took it easy.
That whole thing REALLY scared me, I have never seen a seizure before. WOW.
I hope this was the first and the last.
My friend Juliana's dog Brigitta has seizures frequently, now I understand what they are going me it is awful.
What could had caused it, neither the veterinarian or I are sure.
I think perhaps she reacted to the dinner I gave her the night before, processed chicken from Trader Joe's. Meaning it had spices and salt, something she had before but that with a combination of a hot day and perhaps she was thirsty and then the vomiting made her tense up and all of that brought on the seizure.
No more processed chicken with sodium and whatever else they add to it. No more.
Well, it's been almost a week and Chhaya is doing good. Me too!


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Annette on :

Beautiful Chhaya

Paul on :

Glad she is doing better. Agree with you, could be a reaction to processed food, skip it and hopefully doesn't respeat.

Tatiana on : more of that.

Al on :

You seem to love yr most beautiful dog. don't feed people food to animals :-(

Tatiana on :

Yes, thank you.

But even dog food (kibble) contains chicken, beef and fish. Actually lower quality I think than if I give Chhaya some chicken or beef that I buy in the grocery store. Although the kibble I feed her is rated very high.

I am not sure why she had a seizure, hopefully it was an isolated incident. But no more processed chicken, that is for sure.

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