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Yet Again

While reading today's news there are two stories about dog fighting. One story shows pictures of two badly injured dogs used for bait dropped off at a strangers porch. I hope they get saved. Another of a dog fighting ring recently discovered and as a result 66 (so far) individuals are arrested. I hope all the dogs get saved also.
I am DISGUSTED - yet again.
Ohio is the first state that just passed a law that animal cruelty is a felony.
THANK YOU OHIO! ALL states should follow Ohio's example.
Not only should animal cruelty be a felony. People that are convicted of this barbaric practice should have to register, just like sex offenders. For life. And of course be banned from ever owning an animal again.
If I had a business I would never hire a child molester/abuser or an animal abuser. Never. I'd rather hire a thief, alcoholic or drug addict. Actually finding a completely sober person here is almost impossible. I grew up in a place (Sweden) where drinking alcohol on a daily basis was and still is considered a problem and where drinking and driving, even ONE beer is prohibited. Not here in the US. When I tell people (if they ask) that I don't drink or do drugs they look at me like I am crazy and ask, "what's your vice?" Like you HAVE to have a "vice" or a problem of some sort. No, I don't have any addictions to brag about. Not yet. Life is not over.
Ask me in 20 years, perhaps I will have a different story to tell then. You never know.
Back to animals. The laws need to change. I do not understand what people get out of dog fighting and animal abuse. It is scary. It is wrong. Mandatory felony and public registration for life.
I am far from an angel, I have broken the law but I have never physically harmed a child or an animal. People that do that are completely SICK and beyond help.
They need to be put away. I have zero tolerance for that and I do not want to share my living space with them.

So, continuing the talk about animals. That poor beautiful gorilla Harambe that was shot dead at the zoo in Cincinnati the other day because some toddler decided that saying HELLO to Harambe in person would be a good idea.....just UNACCEPTABLE.
First of all, I am against zoos in general. Places that nurse and help animals are good, like animal sanctuaries. But the form of place where we gawk at animals that belong in the wild but are forever imprisoned- NO. You want to see animals?
Go camping. Watch something on TV with animals. Save up and go on a safari or something. The idea of a zoo or SeaWorld and all that crap - OUTDATED! Get with the times people and wake up.
The parenting skills of that toddler's parent/s are questionable. I can't stand people that let their annoying offspring run around, touch everything with their sticky snotty fingers and be loud and annoying in general. Take your brats to the playground, entertain them in your backyard.....something but in a public place where there are other strangers present - keep them in check.
Poor gorilla. What a waste of a beautiful and intelligent creature. Because some absentminded Mom could not keep their kid under control. Perhaps she was still groggy from her prescription meds. She should get investigated, meds and alcohol levels should be looked into. Parenting is a job to be executed while you are sober.


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Annette on :

Oooohhhhh I can hardly read about the bait dogs and fighting dogs it makes me cry. I can't even watch shows wear an animal gets hurt....on The Walking Dead I have avoided the episodes where an animal got hurt. I love Chhayas beautiful smile ...jax always has that sad dog look ;-)

Tatiana on :

When I was little I used to love watching animal programs but I would start crying every time an animal killed another animal, I would be so distraught that my Mom told me she did not think I should watch those programs.....
Last night I fell asleep watching real but sad animal videos on YouTube. Elephants getting released to freedom and reunited with their own kind, abused monkeys finding a safe place to live.
Human being are the reason for so much evil and suffering.


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