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Joshua Tree And Tunic

I still have some more pictures from my shoot with Cindy, so I am going to put them up but not all at once so you don't get a "pictures of Tatiana overload" and want to barf all over the screen because you are so over it. I hope I get to shoot with Cindy again, it's fun and I like the results. And you might wonder......"Why does she take pictures" or "Who does she think she is...... like.....a model or something?" I take pictures because I LOVE photography and I enjoy being in front of the camera, you know some people take selfies and share them (I do too) and I am lucky enough to have talented photographers like Cindy and others that are willing to take pictures of me for free. It's an exchange, my time for their time. I have liked photography for a long time, since early teen years. Do I think I am a model? No. I am just an ordinary girl that likes to take pictures. It makes for a nice memory, time goes by fast and a picture capture that moment forever.
Me and the Joshua tree......

In a new tunic that I love but I didn't realize my leggings would show through underneath it (so pardon that blunder).

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.


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