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Barbie Shirt

Last year I found this Barbie shirt hidden on a sales rack at Dillards, thought it was cute and got it thinking I could wear it at Burning Man or as a fun shirt for a photo shoot. So I brought it with me when me and Cindy shot last month. It was freezing (I was shivering when we took these pics) and very windy that January day. I only wish I would had brought bubble gum so I could blow a big pink bubble just like Barbie does in a few of the pics but I forgot, although it was kind of like something I had planned. Oh well - next time! I think these Barbie shirt pics are very KAWAII!

I don't like my face here but I like the wall extending behind me. So I am adding it anyways.......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.


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Cindy on :

KAWAII...YES!! LOL I love that. What a perfect shirt for the photo shoot. The bubble gum prop would have been a nice touch but I love the way these turned out regardless.

Tatiana on :

Thank You for shooting!

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