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Here is just a part of what I have been dealing with for the last year and also years ago.
The folders are full of papers for a loan modification that I am struggling with to get approved for my place in Vegas. It has been extremely draining mentally and emotionally plus I have been doing it on my own. Paying an attorney would had been way too expensive and and at least I know that I am putting in the time.
I mean.....who can you trust to really work with your best interest in mind? Who can you trust in general? Not many people, that is for sure. I am and have been at my wits end with this and had I not gotten myself involved in this really bad, uneducated and very naive real estate mess, yes I was the naive one, I could had been rather OK off financially today had I not been so dumb. Right now I am still fighting because I am a fighter, I want to be able to say that I did what I could before giving up. So giving up means trying for a short sale and if that gets denied then it's foreclosure. That is what I am looking at basically. This affair has really been difficult to deal with. The banks and the bankers in high positions sure did get their bail out. Where is the people's bail out? Maybe some nice person out there can bail me out? LOL......yeah right. I am just kidding. But it would be nice to get a bail out, that is for sure. I just want my downpayment back, that's it. And the bank can take the house back......I don't need it. I need peace of mind and no stress.


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Nico on :

Oh what a stress for sure! Keep up positive thinking, and remember this too shall pass! Xoxo

Tatiana on :

I sure hope so! Because when it rains it sure pours, in my case a very heavy down pour with large pieces of hail to make it hurt even more.

xoxo back at you!

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