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Sleeping Beauty

Look at the sleeping beauty enjoying a soft blanket and cuddles from the teddy. I just finished a yummy coffee. Now I'm going to hop in the bath, then dig out something warm to wear and head out to do some errands and find a place for an exciting walk for Chhaya. I HATE doing boring errands but if I don't get it done today it will feel extra difficult to handle them tomorrow. Never ending boring pestering errands dealing with the same issue for years now.
Chhaya seems OK actually quite well, I called the vet yesterday to ask about her hearing loss after they squirted that thick ointment in her ears. They told me this was normal and once the ointment dissolves she should be back to normal but it can take a while. OK good to know, that made me less worried but the vet did not inform me of this fact beforehand.
I noticed on Chhaya that something was wrong. Anyways......time to get out of bed.


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Nico on :

Ive truely grown to love your chhaya just from seeing all the photos! Happy New year tati!~
portland OR

Tatiana on :

Awwwww Thank You!
Happy New Year to you too!

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