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Another birthday came and went. The years go by. Soon it's 2016! How fast will time fly by until next year around this time? Will I sit and write then and reflect about a birthday and Christmas? Only time will tell. I lit a candle for myself. And took a pic to remember the moment.

So since I still haven't figured out my mailing address situation I am having Christmas, birthday presents and cards put on hold until further notice. It's OK, I will get all of that at some point. I appreciate the inquiries to where to send me stuff - Thank You. But I did get a birthday gift yesterday, here it is......a Nespresso machine that makes yummy coffee with foam on top. You pick a capsule and stick it in the machine, push a button and out comes delicious coffee. The person that gave me this said he knew I've been wanting one. Yes I have.

I'm going to get a bottle of the vanilla syrup they use in coffee shops and make my own lattes in the morning. I had two this morning. It was so nice to drink my yummy morning coffee in bed underneath freshly laundered bedding. COMFY!

Look at my pretty Nespresso machine!


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Angelica on :

So sweet of him! Fresh fancy coffee and ice cream sounds like it was delish!

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