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So it's my birthday today. I'm back in front of the pellet stove with my feet propped up against it. I found Chhaya's larger bed and put it down next to me and she is sleeping. We went for a walk just down the road to the main road, one car passed us - they (whoever inside) waved.....I waved back. I ate a Noosa lemon yoghurt and had an iced tea. My vision for this birthday was to visit Leavenworth (a Bavarian style village in Washington) but I guess that is not going to happen today. I am going to take a bath, clean and organize a little soon.
This place is a complete mess. The house is large but only the master bedroom, kitchen and large living room area (that has the pellet stove) can in my opinion be used for living quarters. The other rooms can be used for storage. There is a spiral stair case that leads up to a small room upstairs that looks like it held a person prisoner or something a long time ago, perhaps a princess. It reminds me of what in Sweden we call a "kråkslott", it's a very weird looking house. One room looks like a large garage, I could set up my turntables there, attach a spinning stripper pole in the middle of it and throw a happening club night. If I had a 16 year old kid he would love that room. For now it will be a storage room.
Well.....what else can I say? Not much. Here are some pics. A fairly recent one of me at Red Stone Lake Mead.

Photographer Randy Shutterbug Studio.

Me, my Mom, my cousin and the family dog Cilla one Christmas is Sweden a long time ago.
I am wearing a traditional Polish folk outfit.

And my Mom with me when I had newly arrived.


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Annette on :

I love Levenworth I hope you go there soon. It's beautiful in the summer. I stayed at a bed and breakfast called The House of Rorbach and I ate like 4 lbs of Rainer cherries.....

Tatiana on :

Oh yummy......I loooooove cherries. I think I already told you but when I first started dancing I went by Cherry!
So not me.....but whatever. I giggle at it now.

Annette on :

Cherry ;-)

Angelica on :


Tatiana on :

I was a plump Cherry. OMG - LOL.
Came skinny from Sweden, "discovered" American fast food and that packed on the pounds quickly. Especially since in the beginning I worked in an office and barely moved, no more walking a lot like in Sweden.
Then I started dancing. They said pick a name and I could not think of I thought of Cherry because it was the name of a street close to where I lived. Jeeez......I was Cherry and danced to R&B and liked a crazy violent rap song called "Pistol Grip Pump". So ME! LOL. You would probably like that song, it does have a good beat.....

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