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Ice Skating

One thing that I have learned on this journey called life and it's not a very enjoyable that the true friends that you have and the people you can trust in life are few. Sad. In the last couple of months I've had two people betray me that I put trust in and as late as yesterday another person very close to me turned out to be a coward and a liar. If you can't trust the people that are close to you, then who can you trust? But then again, I have lied too and withheld the truth to people for whatever reason, selfish reasons mostly.
I've even cheated on boyfriends. I can't write stuff like this and not owe up to my own faults, I don't want to be a hypocrite. So I was upset for a while last night but then I went out with my friend Mikey and had a FABULOUS time ice skating at the Cosmopolitan. For whatever reason, perhaps reasons that I can't see now, people come and go in our lives. It sucks when you get betrayed and people owe you money and stuff, so many people owe me money that it's laughable. I should start charging interest. I don't own a single person a dime, besides the bank for my house loan. If you want to learn a valuable lesson from me today that would be, DO NOT borrow money to friends or other people for that matter. Tell them to go to some sort of a loan center. Almost every time I have done so it's been a problem getting it back.. Even when I borrow something as simple as books, there has at times been a problem getting that back. Or you borrow an item in one condition and get it back broken. It's disgusting and makes me feel sick inside. Having said that, I think I know that I have some friends that really are TRUE friends and for them I am grateful and I love them.
One of those friends is Mikey. Me loves him. So last night we went ice skating and it was very windy and cold up on the roof top at the Cosmopolitan but it was so much fun to skate in Vegas high up overlooking the Sin City sky line.
We started with a spicy jalapeno drink. Yummy.


And speaking of true friends.....both me and Mikey wished our friend Rose-Marie had been there with us last night, we miss her. But she lives in Sweden......


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RM on :

You just made me cry. This was really sincerely written and you deserve so much more than friends treating you badly. Friends taking advantage of your unselfishness is no friends at all. I rather have few ones. getting older teachers me a lot of what kind of people I'd like to have around me. Wish I was there with you right now. Love RM

Tatiana on :

Hej Rosse......I have cried every day since Tuesday. I'm feeling very lonely and very sad. You know why. I'm getting up because I have Chhaya and responsibilities. I miss you. I miss normal honest and caring people, I miss Sweden. Kramar.

Annette on :

:-( that is sad.... But I LOVE THAT SHOE!!!!!!!!!!

Tatiana on :

Sigh.....sometimes life is crazy. I don't know who I can trust anymore.
My black shoes? I've had them for a long time.....they still look good. I keep clothes a long time.

Annette on :

That BIG SHOE ;-)

Tatiana on :

LOL! Of course the BIG shoe....I got confused.

Jim on :

My experience has taught me that if I am loaning money to someone I look at it as a gift. If I get paid back great but have been burned too many times to know better. I am not the bank of Jim. Sorry about your misfortune.

Tatiana on :

And I'm done being the bank of Tatiana.
I think it's shitty to not pay back if that was the agreement. I understand if somebody doesn't have the money to pay back due to bad circumstances but if you do have/make the monet then that's just shitty.
I hope you are well.....hugs!

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