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Pamela & Adele

Two new purchases today. The December issue of Playboy with Pamela Anderson on the cover, her 14th cover and Adele's latest album 25. I love Pammie (Pamela) and her pictures in this issue are REALLY good. It helps to have a great photographer like Ellen von Unwerth that really knows her craft, also the light is your friend when taking photos, bad light can make anyone look awful unless you are a kid but I think Pam takes great pics in general and I love her smile. I guess Playboy is going through some changes next year and won't have any more full nudity pics in the magazine, I'm assuming topless will be OK still? Having said that, they do have pictorials of Miss January and Miss February 2016 and those girls are nude and here is some critique from me. Although Miss January was born in 1991 according to her Playboy data sheet, she looks like about 15-16, I think she looks like a pedophile's dream.
She looks like one of those girls they use for teen porn movies. This does not look like Playboy at all to me, she looks like a shapeless little girl not like a woman. Miss February is an improvement but in some of her pics she is posing with a cigarette. Unless you do some edgy dark themed shoot then a cigarette is just trashy. Trying to look all sexy in Playboy with a cigarette in between your fingers - NO. Trashy. Smoking is gross either way.
Pammie blows both of these girls out of the water. Her pics are gorgeous.
So of course I have Adele's 21. Not 19, I did not care for the songs on that album. But 21 is, as we all know, great and I am looking forward to hearing her latest album. I read somewhere that tons of women will be singing along loudly and sobbing to Adele's latest album while driving. Yep, that will be me. I definitely sing in the car, loudly. And sometimes I cry when doing so.


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Julia on :

Hello by Adele is a great song. Made me cry when I saw video on YouTube..........

Tatiana on :

I haven't seen the video but the album is really good.

Annette on :

Did you ever watch the series VIP with Pamela Anderson in it? I LOVED it I love her! I can't find it on Netflix.... Wish I could watch it again.

Tatiana on :

I saw a few episodes, it was on a long time ago.
Pamela is GREAT!

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