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Towards The Mountains

It's Saturday evening and the last day of the rodeo has arrived here in Vegas. There are many people wearing cowboy hats in town right now, doing their thing at the rodeo. Rodeos don't interest me, I think it's animal cruelty some of the stuff that I associate with rodeos. I went to one rodeo in Kenai and was bored after ten minutes.

It's going to be nice to work at a club where I can pick my own songs again. With a decent stage. For now it is what it is.
My dinner this evening consisted of, as it does several times a week, whatever the food bar at Whole Foods had to offer. I don't cook often, so Whole Foods feeds me. And Chhaya too.
She got beef from there today and yesterday.

We went to the park, as we do everyday. I have six parks around here that I rotate in between unless we venture out to Red Rock.

My house is that way, towards the mountains. Those mountains are gorgeous. If you ever visit Vegas, rent a car and go to Red Rock. Explore, go for a hike, look for the wild flowers and breathe in the desert air.


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