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Are you getting into the Holiday spirit yet? I am. I'm walking around singing Christmas songs, the traditional Swedish ones that I know and getting gifts and cards together. My house is not decorated yet and I don't have a tree but that will come.....maybe. I already sent out some presents to people and got most of my Christmas shopping done. Some gifts will be wrapped up in packages sent in the mail, others will be delivered in bags. Santa Tati is a good friend to have this time of year! And I have a Thank You card to give to the pizza makers at Manhattan Pizza on Charleston and Durango, they are so ni nice to me.

Today I found this angel hanging off a branch in a tree when me and Chhaya were on our daily walk. As you can see.....there is no snow in my neck of the woods.

Christmas is right around the corner. I always miss Sweden this time of year, extra much.

I went to Sam's Town the other week, they have a pretty nice Christmas/Winter display there.

Later on me and Chhaya went to Mikey's to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
It wasn't that great this year I thought. I loved some of the high boots, there were some amazing pants too and that bejeweled bodysuit with a cut out in front. I wouldn't mind having some of that stuff. And I loved when The Weeknd sang "Can't Feel My Face". It's probably my fave song right now. GREAT for stage. Besides that I thought the girls were making too many kissy faces and other nonsense, not enough hot fierce model attitude but whatever.
Now it's bedtime, I am craving sleep.


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Annette on :

Sweet Chhaya :-) I am moving into my new apartment this weekend and I am excited it is so cute. I am hoping to put up a few decorations. I frantically packed my stuff in MPLS and put it in a pod where it's been stored since July...I hope nothing broke. I have been living out of suitcases since July ...ugh.

Tatiana on :

Your stuff has been in a Pod since July? wonder you are happy to finally get a place so you can unpack those suitcases and everything else!
E mail me your mailing address.....!

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