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Give Thanks

It's Thanksgiving here in the US on this chilly Thursday. Well, it's chilly in Las Vegas......I want to give thanks to my family, my friends, my love Chhaya and all the nice and kind people in the world. As always, I am very grateful that I have food to eat, water coming out of the faucet with a simple turn and a warm and safe place to sleep at night. Thank You!
Today Chhaya got turkey, sweet potato and a hard boiled egg (great source of protein for both humans and dogs) from Whole Foods. She drooled on the pillow. I love this little rascal.

I ate too but no turkey for me. Then we cuddled and I told her how much I love her.
She thought I was crazy and wanted to play of her favorite things to do.

Now I am going to get dressed in something warm, put on my Sorel boots and take Chhaya for a walk. After that we are going to pick up Julia and then we are heading out to find homeless people. We have socks and gloves and female sanitary products to give away.
I read that homeless women have a hard time when they get their period because they do not always have access to sanitary products. Me and Julia are going to make little care packages in zip lock bags. I'm really not sure where the homeless hang out here in Vegas but I am hoping that we will be able to do something useful tonight. Maybe give a hug or two and listen to somebody that needs to talk too.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ❤ ❤ ❤

Update on tonight's project.
Well, I'm home now. When I got to Julia's we organized everything and put it in green bags. Something like this......

Julia's boyfriend Ben also contributed with deodorants (not in picture) that he went out and bought so we could give them away. First we went to an area by Main and Owens and there were plenty of people there sleeping on the street with blankets over them. After that we went to a park on Maryland Parkway. We gave all the stuff away and I wish we had some more to give. Although I have to say that nobody we encountered seemed to be starving or in a dire need of emergency help. But everything we gave was appreciated and people were really nice and also fun to talk to. Only smiles.

Afterwards we made time for some latte.....


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Melinda on :

Happy late Thanksgiving! Very thoughtful of you to hand out things to the homeless❤️

Tatiana on :

Happy late Thanksgiving back at you and Cole, plus the two little ones in your belly!

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