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Tuesday Activities

My Tuesday activities started with meeting my breast friend Roxy at Madhouse Coffee.

Then we went to her house. Roxy has one of the nicest homes I have ever stepped my foot into. I love her place. Not only that, she is also an artist. Some people call themselves "artists" but there is no evidence of it. Roxy doesn't speak of herself like that, she doesn't have to.
Her home is filled with beautiful paintings that she painted. Used art supplies, not only for decoration, can be found all over her house. I'm very impressed with her many talents.

I've encountered people that call themselves all kinds of stuff.....writer, photographer, artist, professional bullshitter and bla bla bla. Look, if you write something in a journal or a diary once in a while you're not a writer. Lengthy Facebook posts are included in this. If you take a selfie, a pic of your kid/s or a sunset and post it on Facebook you're not a photographer. There seems to be some confusion regarding this and that is my opinion. I write my blog almost daily and put up a ton of pics on here that I take myself but no, I do not consider myself to be a writer and a photographer. I don't make a living writing or taking pictures. When people ask me what I do I don't say, "I'm a writer" or "I'm a photographer." The blog might come up in a conversation but more often that not, it won't. Plus hello.....anybody can have a blog. There are supposedly millions of blogs out there. I doubt all those people make a living writing. I don't - but hey.....if you know how I can make a living writing my blog like I've been doing for almost a decade now, let me know! I'm too lazy to figure it out myself.
After my visit with Roxy I was starving. Got food at Whole Foods, shared some of my meal with Chhaya. Then I did errands. Look at these FUN items I brought home with me.
Exciting stuff like faucet knobs, a ball rod and some other things. I can tell you this, I'm losing my patience with the ball rod! The installation of it is not working out for me. Water is seeping out from underneath the sink. I will continue working on this problem tomorrow. I want to sleep now.

One more thing.....check out this short and very interesting cartoon about living in Raqqa for women.


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