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Back in the day when I lived in Vegas full time me and Julia had a Sunday ritual. Fashion Show Mall while each sipping on an iced vanilla latte with whipped from Nordstrom. Well, we did just that today. Christmas decorations are already on full display at the mall, a bit early we both thoughts since we haven't even passed Thanksgiving yet.

Then I dragged Julia to the Bellagio because I wanted to see the Autumn Celebration theme at the Conservatory & Botanical Garden before they take it down and replace it with the Christmas theme. It was very pretty. I took pics of the mushrooms, the enchanted trees, the animals etc but they didn't come out too good. It's still flip flop season (for me at least) in Vegas during the day but when the sun goes down it becomes chilly and I change to sneakers.

The view from the rooftop parking at the Bellagio is pretty nice.

Then I took Chhaya for some outside time. She is so beautiful! ❤

Then I was starving and picked up some of those amazing fries and a Greek salad from Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe. Dinner is not complete without dessert so I got a slice of double cream lemon pie from Marie Callender's. These fries are so good. I ate so much that I felt super tired when I was done = food coma.


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Annette on :

Chhaya is so darn cute I love her little poses , her ears and the looks on her face :-)

Tatiana on :

Chhaya is a natural poser! She is about to get a bath here in a bit, that will put a damper on her mood for a while......

Annette on :

Jasper Jax loves baths....I cannot take a bath alone he has his head hovering over me. I am pretty sure he would love to jump in the tub with me if he could. Do you cut Chhaya's nails yourself? I just can't do it I have to take Jax to have it done at Petco or the vet. BTW at the Mall here they have a Chinese massage business and for $30.00 the give a great foot rub for 30 min.....ahhh ;-) my favorite thing!

Tatiana on :

Yes I cut her nails myself.
Massage.....I think I might get one on Sunday! I wish I could have one every, or at least every other day.

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