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Work is on the agenda this weekend. It's so difficult for me to go to work when I'm in Vegas. Well, when I'm anywhere that's home, like Kenai too when I lived there. Same thing there, difficult to go to work. There are so many other things that I could do instead of see a friend, or stay home and do nothing in particular besides listen to the radio, read a book, watch a movie, clean, cuddle with Chhaya etc. When you don't have a schedule and you rely only on yourself for motivation it can be challenging to start getting ready for work around 7 pm and then drive to work and then be around sometimes annoying idiots and other times fun people. When I travel for work I am there for that purpose only and I'm really good at working every night. Because I'm motivated and not at home where I have other distractions. I talked to my friend Janis about this last night, she completely feels the same way. I think most of us dancers do. Well, I did go to work last night. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.....sorry, no entertaining work stories to share with you. Besides a pic from work.

Right now I'm at Sambalatte, having breakfast. I'm reading about the latest turmoil, more deaths and more terror, in the world and it's just so sad all of it. I got teary eyed and had to stop reading for a while. I read about the anti terror plea by the Muslims in France. I like that, I think they have to and SHOULD step up and be very vocal and visible about denouncing what IS and all the other terrorist groups are doing in the name of Islam......Supposedly the "religion of peace", when they storm into places round up and murder innocent people while shouting Allahu Akbar. And then I read about the blindfolded Muslim man that stood alone in a public and busy place in Paris with a sign that read " “I’m a Muslim but I’m told I’m a terrorist. I trust you. Do you trust me? If yes, hug me.” I think that is beautiful, I would had hugged him. It's a heartwarming gesture but it does not take away the fact that so many people have been murdered by these terrorist organizations. I grew with friends from all over the world and two of my closest friends in Sweden are Muslim, Zakia (Morocco) and Taleb (Lebanon) - I care deeply for them. sad all of this. So sad. Well, I need to get going.


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