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Colorful Vocabulary

Yesterday evening I drove to Barnes & Noble to look at some books. When I was done I walked back to my car and discovered that I could not find the car key in my purse or in my jacket. Chances were high that I had locked the key in the car because that has happened several times before but this time I felt pretty sure that I had not done that mistake - again.
I went back into Barnes & Noble twice and backtracked my every move in there but no key was to be found.
I borrowed a flashlight and tried to see if my key was somewhere in the car, it was dark out and poor Chhaya that was locked up in the car wondered what I was doing and when we were going home. I felt SOOOOO annoyed! Well, thank goodness for friends.....Mikey came and rescued me. He picked me up, drove me home, I got my spare key and we drove back to Barnes & Noble. During our time we discussed the current situation in the world......Paris, refugees, Sweden, religion etc. We had a great talk. I love my friends.
Anyhow, this morning while I was getting ready to leave my house and take Chhaya to the vet some old fogbone lady flags me down and starts yapping about something that should be none of her business. If you think that all old people are innocent saints maybe you should stop reading now. No, I do not hold the belief that all older people are nice and should be respected no matter what they do. You get the respect you deserve, so I called the old fogbone a "fucking bitch" and yes she heard me loud and clear (GOOD!) and then I went on with my day. Listen, mind your own business people and get involved when necessary OK? Go home and turn on a talk show or something and leave me the fuck alone. If you have something constructive to come with.....fine then I will listen. But otherwise I will tell you what's on my mind. Like you are annoying lady......get a life!
Then it was vet time. Chhaya has been having issues with her paws lately, some hot spots have been coming and going on two paws, she has been licking there and one nail has been bleeding a bit. I've been cleaning her paws and washing them and thought the issue was going away but no. Then I have been suspecting an ear issue too, although the vet in Kenai that issued Chhaya her travel certificate looked in her ears and said they looked fine. I clean Chhaya's ears frequently so it's not like they are dirty. Well, Chhaya does not like going to the vet but she is very well behaved nevertheless. And brave. And very much a Mommy's girl when we are there. The verdict? Chhaya has some kind of allergy and I need to bathe her twice a week for two weeks to get whatever she might be carrying in her fur and skin cleaned off. She got a medicated spray for her paws. And she has yeast in one ear!
So both ears need to be flushed with an ear rinse twice daily and I have to put an ointment in the bad ear twice a day for a week. AND she is going to get Benadryl too, every day for a week. Yes, Benadryl the allergy and anti itch pill that you can get in the grocery store, I guess it's safe to give Benadryl to dogs as long as you check with your vet about the appropriate dosage. We are going back for a check up next Friday. I'm glad I went and had her looked at. Now I can cure her of whatever it is that's bothering her.
So spare car key decided it did not want to work. So for about ten minuted or so I could not turn the key over in the ignition. I had a small panic attack. But finally the key turned. I called Barnes & Noble and yes indeed, they had found my car key. I must had put it down somewhere while looking at books yesterday, even for me that's being unusually confused. Hello Alzheimers? So I drove there and picked it up. Then home to wash bedding, flush Chhaya's ears, give her a bath, medicate her bad ear and paws and feed her dinner. do people with kids do it?
Bathing is not Chhaya's favorite thing to do but sometimes necessary.

After that I had to go and get something to eat myself. When I'm in the Trader Joe's parking lot looking for parking, a dumb woman puts away her shopping cart BY the area for the shopping carts but on the outside of it, she walks away and the cart rolls away and stops in front of my car blocking me and another car approaching from the other side. So I get out of the car and move the stray cart into the designated shopping cart area so it can't roll out into the parking lot. Meanwhile that dumb ass is sitting in her car that my car just so happened to be blocking, she looks at me and asks me with an attitude what I'm doing.
What bitch???? I calmly inform her that I had to move the cart she left out of the way.
She proceeds to do that violin hand movement, do you know what I mean? Really now? So I call her a fucking dumb hooker and the violin disappeared really quick. My temper goes from 0-100 faster than a Bugatti. Usually I'm happy and easy going but if you step on my toes I will let you know. With whatever chosen words that come to mind in the moment, I'm not shy to utilize a colorful vocabulary. That dumb hooker with the shopping cart should be really happy that all she got was an earful about being a fucking dumb hooker, I could had been Erich Nowsch (that used to live walking distance from me here in Vegas) and things could had gotten way more heated. Now, to all you lazy asses that just leave your shopping carts that YOU used all over the parking lot. WHAT THE FUCK, is is that hard to waddle over to the designated shopping cart area? Unless you are injured, handicapped or very old you have no excuse.
So today I managed to exchange pleasantries with two annoying bitches. Fun times!
After Trader Joe's I went running, then I got home, ate and read, continued doing laundry and took a bath.
I saw a small book this evening that I thought was perfect.

My meal this evening. And since it's Thursday it means that the new Las Vegas Weekly came out. I read all the free Vegas magazines. They are great.

And how was YOUR day, any pleasant exchanges with strangers as well? I'm in bed now, feeling super comfy and listening to KNPR. Sleep in a bit......


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Dr. M on :

I always thought the Italians had the short fuses. As a fellow countryman it is refreshing to know I am not alone on the temper page. 4" of snow in Kenai, been below 0 the past week, brrr.

Tatiana on :

Be assured you are not alone!
I do feel bad about the old lady though. Perhaps I locate her and make amends. Not the dumb hooker with the shopping cart though. She deserved it!

Annette on :

I am usually calm it takes a lot to provoke me but when I lose it's scary!!! People don't expect it.... When jax kept getting ear infections I bought acidophilus pills and put it on his food daily plus everything the vet prescribed. I continued it for a year he hasn't one for several years now. You can get it for animals if you go to a health food store. I use to give jax Benadryl but now he takes 1/2 of a generic Zyrtec :-)

Tatiana on :

Acidophilus pills? Like the ones made for humans or do they make special ones for dogs? I will get Chhaya some this weekend! Thanks Annette!

Annette on :

At first I gave him ones for humans but then I got some for animals at a health food store but the ones for humans worked just fine ;-) I hated having Jax's ears infected. I told the vet what I did and she was fine with it. I always love your shoe pics!!!!!

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