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This is Diesel, she got blown up yesterday in Paris. She was 7. You can see the kindness and intelligence in her eyes. People who say that animals don't have souls must be soulless themselves. I totally believe animals have souls, it's obvious.

(Photo from Twitter).

Diesel got blown up by a woman strapped in explosives. I found a picture of her throwing up some hand signs looking like a dumb ass. But her face does not deserve to be on my blog, cause all she was in the end was a piece of shit coward. What did she accomplish by blowing herself and an innocent beautiful dog to pieces? FUCK HER.
I'm sitting here and can't believe what people do to each other and animals. It's just disgusting.
Chhaya got a new binki today so she is happy, we found a new great park to walk in close to the house.


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