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Today me, Chhaya and our friend Jim drove out to Nikiski with another donation from us at the club. This time it was Boss Lady's idea, so she gets all the credit. I was merely the person that delivered the check and of course I contributed to the $ and some treats not shown in the pic. I met many cute dogs and cats today and got to chat with Sue and Tim that operate the Nikiski Animal Sanctuary. They are great people. Once again, do not breed your pets and take good care of the pet/s you have. Be responsible.

I'm so tired.I was basically out all day and didn't get home until after dark. Jim took some pics of me too that I will put up tomorrow. Now I have to force myself to wash my face and take out my contacts and then I'm going to sleep.
Oh and I'm planning on keeping that chipped nail polish for as long as possible, it's a remnant from Burning Man so I'm not taking it off. I don't care if it looks bad.


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mandy on :

I wish I could start a donation at work for something like this, but I work with cunts :-(

Tatiana on :

When we connect face to face again we can start a fund.

mandy on :

Ok sounds good!

Derek on :

You're beautiful.... and as corny as this sounds, "not just on the outside." I "love" you for the way you treat your dog. My wife and I have a Pitbull and love him just like you, and treat him like family. You're a really good person, and I don't even know you. I think you have a kind heart and both of us enjoy reading your blog. Best of luck to you and your "baby."

Tatiana on :

Thank You for the kind words. Warmed my ❤.

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