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Back To Reality

Well, I survived Burning Man 2015 and I'm back to reality. I will sort through all the pictures I took and start thinking about how to write about my experience. This was my third and best burn. I feel very very happy and have a natural high and energy. I'm also tired, dusty, crusty and dirty. I was sad to leave Burning Man and cried, just like I did the previous times. My time there was FANTASTIC !
More about Burning Man later.......XOXO


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Dee on :

You should look into working and being a part of the group that puts Burning Man on. I would think this event takes year round planning in advance. Just might be your purpose and passion in lfe.


Tatiana on :

It's a bit funny you mention that. Some people at the event questioned my choice of occupation.....asking me how come I do what I do when I (according to them) seemed normal and nice.....I think they mentioned articulate too.
I'm still searching for my calling in life, perhaps I'm being blind to it.
And you are right.....this event takes year round planning.

mandy on :

Ugh. Why do we do what we do.
Do we have to wake up at 4am to be at an office job? No.
Do we have to go to work tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that? Nooooo.
Do we only have two weeks paid vacation a year? Pssshhh! Every day of the year could be a vacation...and we can profit while we are doing it.
Can we make $200-$2000 a day without 8 years in college? Yes.
Waiting two weeks just to get paid? Hell no.
Do people pay us to tell us we are pretty? Yes.
I mean...the HORROR of it all.
Honestly, if people actually thought about it instead of assuming and judging, they'd see that it's a luxury to do this job sometimes.

But hold on, let me smoke all this meth with my unemployed boyfriend while my 4 kids are in the other room. Because you know...that's what strippers do. Hahaha

Tatiana on :

Well put my friend.....
The freedom is priceless, like (mostly) everything dancing comes with pros and some highly annoying cons. But not every and far from every dancer is some irreversibly damaged goods. In fact most of those violent psychos and chronic losers we read about in the news wouldn't even get hired in a strip club.
I will quit dancing when Putin finally proposes to me.

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