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Been Lazy

I have been lazy all summer I running all of July and August (until yesterday) if I remember it right, just walks with Chhaya. And laying out tanning. I finally went for a run the other day and yesterday and it really felt good! I don't know why I get so lazy and unmotivated sometimes because running makes me feel good, healthy and energized. I've been feeling like a sack of dough but just two times of moving that dough around made me feel much better.
The weekend is here and it looks like the sunshine and warm weather will continue. Me and Chhaya are wishing everybody a great weekend!

I love her! ♥


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doc on :

i thought u were going to burning man?

Annette on :

I love those work out pants

Annette on :

I am hoping you are at Burning Man ;-)

Tatiana on :

Yeay figured it out! I had no phone and therefore no internet until now.

Annette on :

;-) you deserve the best...I am surprised people were surprised at your job choice. They need to read your see your true heart. Whatever you would chose to do in life you would do it well... It's who you are. I wish we lived in the same city!

Tatiana on :

The dancing/stripping comes with lots of stigmas. Drugs, stupid, lazy, dirty, trashy, no morals, slutty, whore, no ambition, does everything for $......what else did I miss? The list goes on. Of course it applies to some dancers but those traits can be found pretty much everywhere. With men and women. I was talking about it with Mandy yesterday actually and she told me she usually does not tell people what she does. To avoid all of that. I told her that I love to show people that dancers don't have to be those things that many think we are. I blame media and bad talk shows for this as well.
And if they (new people I meet) still think badly of me.....well then I guess I'm better off without them.

I wish we lived closer to each other too Annette!

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