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I'm Here

The reason there haven't been any blog entries for a while it's because I'm here......I'm at Burning Man! :-D
This is a time prepared entry, I am writing this while still in Kenai (while sipping on a latte of course......) I'm leaving for Vegas later this evening and then driving up to somewhere outside of Gerlach, NV tomorrow night.

This is my third year in a row attending Burning Man. And if course I will tell you and show you everything when I'm back to normal life.
And for you that have never heard of Burning Man (some people haven't, I encounter them all the time) and for the people that don't understand what it's an amazing adventure, difficult to describe in words. You have to experience Burning Man to get an understanding BUT I can tell you this much......I am super excited and very grateful that I am going again and it's going to be AMAZING! ❤
Right now.....I'm somewhere on the Playa feeling ALIVE!


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Annette on :

;-) happy for YOU

Paul on :

waiting for the latest from Burning Man :-)

Tatiana on :

Thank You and the latest will be up here soon!

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