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Dump Day

Today is dump day. It's one of the small adventures I find amusing here in this village, believe it or not. That speaks volumes about how exciting it is to live in Kenai, right? I loaded up my truck with trash and all the stuff I'm going to sort into the appropriate recycling containers once I'm at the dump. Chhaya likes going to the dump because there are a ton of birds there. I mean like thousands, it's crazy. If I were an ornithologist that is the place I would hang out on a regular basis. And it's fun in general to go there for Chhaya, plus she gets a treat from the dump attendant on the way out, she knows this by now and starts drooling as we pull up.

What else can I tell you about today? It's very windy, the winds of fall have arrived I think.
I also collected 10 stars at Coffee Roasters as of today and that means that I get $5 off my next visit which is the price of my daily latte. It only took me less than two weeks to collect 10 stars, meaning I could had had about two free lattes a month for how many months now? Whatever! OK!

Well, I need to get going I have a long to do list today.


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