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Monday Report

Monday's four months left to Christmas! The summer flew by but then again summers always go by fast. It's not over yet though.......plenty of more sunny days to come!
So here is my Monday report. While sipping on my latte this morning I took a pic of this article that made the cover of Alaska Dispatch News today Monday August 24.

I get it, animals are very cute. I would love to pet bears and moose too but most likely they do not want to get cuddled since as we all know, they are not domesticated. And when the bear attacks it is usually the bear that will get the short end of the stick since it will be considered dangerous, then shot and killed. Here is a snippet from the article that I find disturbing, "Everybody stops in the no-stopping zone. There’s no education at all of the fishermen. They’re leaving their beer bottles and Red Bull cans around. If the cubs get a taste of Red Bull, and investigate at the campground and get a taste of it again, that’s the end of that bear. People are dropping their tins all over,” Esch said. One bear, known as BMJ, became tangled in fishing line at one point."
WHY are people so STUPID and DISRESPECTFUL? It's starts with YOU. As in you are responsible for your own behavior. And I am responsible for mine.
After my breakfast (a latte and a scone) me and Chhaya went to the beach for a walk.

There were some fireweed there, some still has a few pink petals left on top and look like this.

But most of the flowers look like this.

I found a small yellow leaf laying on the sand all alone. I wonder where it came from?

And Chhaya found a fish carcass. Poor little fishy!

Then I also found a bunch of trash, picked it up and recycled it. I guess whoever that left that on the beach must had been too busy with other stuff than picking up after themselves.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that trashing nature is a very bad personality trait.
I found this comment under the article about the bears in Haines.
"Littering.... When I moved to Alaska in 1975 (Valdez), I dropped a smoke out the window while riding in a friends car. She made me get out and told me to find MY cigarette butt and to pick up any litter while I was at it. When I got back in the car, she told me that Alaskan's DO NOT litter. If she ever caught me doing it again, she'd beat the crap outta me. I have tried to instill this into my children's behavior over the years, and it worked. Sounds like my friend could teach these idiots a thing or two!"

Exactly. Do not litter and teach your offspring to show some respect for nature as well.


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mandy on :

Look at that idiot right next to a bear. What are people thinking? I wouldn't even get that close to an opossum.
Hate people who litter. Plastic water bottles are like the herpes of the earth.

Tatiana on :

Herpes of the earth!!!

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