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Going into work is not a priority when the late evenings are beautiful and sunny. Me and Chhaya ran into a boy moose yesterday evening......the correct term would be bull moose.

He was so pretty and curious about us. He stood and watched us for a while before he decided to run into the safety of the forest, then he came out and looked at us again. I think the moose see Chhaya and want to take a better look at her. I can see it in the way they look at her, ears forward, sniffing in our's SO cute! I was telling him to hide and not walk around in the open so others, meaning people, can see him. Because......SADLY hunting season is just around the corner and there are already plenty of trigger happy crazies driving up and down the roads by my house in their trucks and on their four wheelers scouting for prey. I told the boy moose he can come and live in my yard and sleep behind my house where nobody will be able too see him or hurt him. I would make sure he had fresh water everyday. And carrots.

No, I don't understand the hunting thing. A lot of people around here claim they hunt because they fill their freezer up with meat. OK, perhaps some people do survive like that but most people I know fill up their fridge and freezer by going to the grocery store like everybody else. Unless you live in rural Alaska where there are people that still rely on subsistence hunting. Otherwise I think that the hunting is just a way for people to run around in the wilderness with their rifles out and live out their bloodthirsty video game Rambo soldier fantasies. I think it's gross. And don't even get me started on women that hunt. To me and yes, this is my personal opinion and I am fully aware that opinions are like assholes......OK. But to me women that hunt are the same kind of psychos that sit around with the "boys" and loudly roar for their football team while they crush beer cans into their forehead. SO NOT feminine.
I think that there are enough moose that perish here every year in vehicle crashes. That meat is actually not discarded, people sign up on some list for that meat. A lot of moose calves die every year when they do not survive the winter or fall prey to predators like bears. No need to go hunting for the rest of the moose population. I know that everybody that think hunting is FUN won't agree with me. Whatever. I suggest you start eating less meat. How about that?

This is how I grew up picturing moose and how I still feel about them, majestic beautiful creatures. Her is Skutt with princess Tuvstarr.


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a real feminist on :

Do you know what the definition of feminism is without looking it up somewhere? There is a specific meaning for that term. If you do not know I suggest that you find out since you openly state that you ARE a feminist. Once you understand the true meaning of the word I think your opinion on women who hunt might not sit so well with fellow feminists.

Tatiana on :

On the top of my head WITHOUT looking up the definition of feminism somewhere......a feminist is somebody that believes in social, political and economical equality between men and women. I believe in all of that.
I don't know who you are and how you found my blog but just because you call yourself "a real feminist" instead of writing your name here and perhaps also your contact info does NOT mean that you are more of a feminist than I am. To me you sound condescending. Now what kind of a feminist are YOU? Coming on here trying to put me down? Good luck with that one!
And you know what? I do not agree with hunting as a sport or trophy hunting, it doesn't matter to me if a woman or a man hunts, I think it's GROSS and wrong. I love animals and strive for animal rights because animals don't have a voice. I do not care how other women view me even if they happen to hunt, for me animals and their rights come before some woman out there trophy hunting for fun.
I suggest you look into my blog categories......"Animal Rights & Stuff" and "Opinions" before you come on here and think you are better than me in any way. "A real feminist" yeah......whatever. BARF.

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