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Yesterday Tatiana spoke at a conference about FEMINISM that took place at the Imperial Palace hotel in Las Vegas. She was invited to speak through a friend and she spoke for about one hour to an audience of about 30 people, mostly academics that came from all over the world.
Tatiana spoke about her experiences as a dancer and how it is to live and work in Las Vegas as a woman. She did great and got lots of positive feedback from the audience and she even got beautiful flowers, it was a good experience.
Regarding the topic of feminism, dancing and how it is to live and work in Vegas....
well Tatiana has many opinions and sometimes much to say about it depending on how motivated she feels.
Feel free to ask any questions!
Basically she feels that a dancer (stripper, exotic dancer) does not have to be a victim (Tatiana certainly is not), can carry herself well and speak in an intelligent and intellectual manner, behave well (meaning not sell herself out for some extra money). There's much more to be said about this but for now this will be sufficient.


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