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Staying Home

I thought I was going to work last night but the later it got in the day the lazier I felt so I ended up staying home. I'm always like that.......plan on working and then around 5-6 pm I start feeling tired, maybe in need of a nap, or in need of reading a book or cuddling up with Chhaya, so if I'm still undecided by 8 pm and don't have one foot in the shower by 8 15 the latest I'm ending up staying home. When you don't have a schedule it's so tempting and so easy to stay home instead. When I travel for work though I'm really focused and good at working every night.
Instead I took a nice evening walk. Need to take advantage of the late night light while its still here. I love it. I get asked all the time if it bothers me. The light until late that is. Not at all, I wish it was like this year round.

Anyhow, I did work the weekend and believe it or not but my horoscope for Saturday was right on the money regarding the income. Stages were decent. That is $100 plus laying on the floor right there before I made order of the bills, mostly one dollar bills and some fives.

In some clubs you don't get tipped anything on stage and by that I mean zero. But you usually make up for it by doing lap dances. If you don't, I suggest you find a different club. Here in AK stage tips are decent. Sure, some nights you don't make much if there are not many people in the club but in general you get OK stage money, which is good. I went to work before and did stage only, meaning no lap dances and went home with a few hundred. But I also went to work and left with NOTHING and with nothing that is exactly what I mean. And yes, that has happened more than once. And then there are clubs where the dancers make a lot on stage. With a lot I mean A LOT. Hundreds.....sometimes thousands of dollars. Well, at least that's what the dancers claim. But those clubs are from what I understand some black clubs in Atlanta and some other club in Miami where only (I think?) black girls dance. I could never work there because they would kill me and rip my hair out to use for a weave, cause I'm not black. God forbid a white girl takes a black guys money in the strip club. The black girls HATE that but it's OK if white guys give black girls money. The typical accepted racism prevalent on an every day basis here in America. Also, I do not know how to shake my butt, at all. My twerk don't work and I don't have a PHAT behind, so no rich rapper with money to throw around would like me anyways. But that's OK, I am completely happy with that fact. Ass shaking is NOT my style. And lastly, getting my backside slapped hard all night long would get annoying really fast.
Anyhow, let me see if I can recall anything noteworthy that happened at work over the weekend......
So after I got off stage and put my money away and went out on the floor a guy that was sitting and chatting with another girl comes up to me. Looking really serious and with an intense stare in his eyes he proceeds to tell me that he gave me a $5 bill when I was on stage and that he thinks that I should smile at him and sit down and talk to him after that. The first thing I did was to offer him his $5 back, I really do not have energy for that......please just take your money back and leave me alone, I really don't need your $5. I told him that there were a lot of people on the stage, I can't always keep track of who gives me money and how much. And I also told him that he was sitting and talking to a girl already. Since I am polite I will not go and sit down and butt in on their conversation. I am usually really good at saying thank you for my tips I should add here but sometimes I can't keep up with everybody. This man was really offended. OK then......whatever.
Some other "funny" type told me after putting up ONE dollar on stage that I was only allowed to pick it up not using my hands or my mouth. So that leaves what exactly? My ass cheeks?
I quickly informed him that the last time I checked we were in the US and not Thailand.
Also that he needed to shut his trap and not give me any instructions. You can put a $100 on stage and I would not take that bill with my mouth (tacky and gross) and certainly not with my private parts. Really now! I am not trained in those fine picking up money techniques.
But the winner was the guy from Switzerland that sat down next to me. Talked to me for a few minutes, he was very polite, looked around the room, shook his head and said, "Men have problems". I started laughing, nodded my head in affirmation and said, "YES, men DO have problems!" GREAT observation on his part and so very true! :-D


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ed muller on :

Hi Tatiana. Using the library computer for 15 minutes. Not using email lately. Live in my car in Naples. Doing advanced art and my spirits are super high. People I look young but I tell them you never change at all. Visited Key West and those dancers are really very nice ladies to talk to. Hardly any black dancers. Take care. Ed

Tatiana on :

I work with a few girls here that are from Key West, they dance at Woody's. Have you been to that club?
I'm glad you are well and that your spirits are high! :-)

Cookie on :

Okay, I have a comment that pertains to some of your writing/phrasing/choice of vocabulary in this post........just a small portion of the post.

"And then there are clubs where the dancers make a lot on stage. With a lot I mean A LOT. Hundreds.....sometimes thousands of dollars. Well, at least that's what the dancers claim. But those clubs are from what I understand some black clubs in Atlanta and some other club in Miami where only (I think?) black girls dance. I could never work there because they would kill me and rip my hair out to use for a weave, cause I'm not black. God forbid a white girl takes a black guys money in the strip club. The black girls HATE that but it's OK if white guys give black girls money. The typical accepted racism prevalent on an every day basis here in America." ( 'Staying Home' Posted by TATIANA on Monday, July 27. 2015 )

In my opinion this specific piece of writing gives me a strong sense of assumption on your end. Not only assumption but your tone implies that you would never entertain the idea of working at ( as you phrased it ) a 'black' club because you have no doubt that the dancers would kill you, rip out your hair, and use your hair for a weave simply because you are not black..........I am surprised that you would communicate these things so blatantly. Would you say or refer to the clubs you choose to work at as 'White Clubs' ? And do you imagine that non-white dancers are convinced that if hired at a 'white club', the white girls would kill them, rip out their hair and use it for extentions because they are not white ?

I do understand that you have a sense of humor and I take that under full consideration when I say this - your remarks in reference to the topic here are offensive to me as a human being and as an active advocate for equality and respect in today's society. All joking aside, unless you traveled personally to Atlanta or Miami and are specifically speaking about any real events you were involved in ( NOT here say or gossip or nonsense you read online or heard/overheard/discussed/etc amongst fellow entertainers or club patrons) I don't think you are in a position to write the racially motivated statements that I was actually surprised to read in your blog. It is one thing to joke and say things to be recognized as such but the way you wrote about Atlanta and maybe Miami ( even though you did say "from what I understand ") had an almost derogatory tone that made me feel a need to address it here. I am curious to know where and how you came to your conclusions or opinions about black clubs ( not my words) and how you in particular would be killed for not being black. I am also curious to know why you do not refer to clubs with predominantly Caucasian dancers as "white clubs" ?

Tatiana on :

First of blog is NOT "politically correct" and neither am I. If you get "offended" by the stuff I talk about......oh well, not MY problem. Everybody gets offended nowadays at almost everything and people are afraid to have opinions, speak their mind and discuss. Well, I'm not. Having said that.....
These "assumptions" are made on my own personal experiences working in various clubs and stuff that I read and heard. Would the black dancers kill me? Probably not (take that as a joke) try to rip my hair out (I think any crazy stripper fighting another stripper with long hair would go for the, white, hispanic doesn't matter).
I have not set my foot in Atlanta or Miami but for example Magic City in Atlanta or King Of Diamonds in Miami are what most dancers would describe as "black" clubs. Perhaps not a politically correct person as yourself. Maybe you can watch some documentaries out there on certain clubs in those areas and read some articles about Magic City and King Of Diamonds. You can do some research on where dancers freely discuss black clubs.
If there are any white girls (not mixed) dancing at Magic City or King Of Diamonds they are definitely a minority, not that it bothers me. In fact one of the clubs I want to visit (not work at though) is King Of Diamonds. I would love to go there and watch the amazing (from what I understand) pole work and get a lap dance or two.
Three clubs I have worked at I thought a black dancer was the hottest/prettiest girl in the club (except myself of course ;-) ).
Flashdancers NYC, Treasures Las Vegas and Bush Company Anchorage . There were a few stunners at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas also. So don't come here with any "assumptions" that I might be racist. After all, I'm in love with Rihanna and I would totally date Lennox Lewis (back in his prime).
But I'm a realist and yes.....the reverse accepted racism that I mentioned does in my eyes exist in the US today.
Thanks "Cookie" ;-) for you input, always appreciated.
And here watch this, very entertaining........!

cookie on :

I believe that we have both probably worked in at least one club where black dancers were a minority. Predominantly "white" clubs, if you will. Generally speaking - would you call those places 'white clubs' ?? Or simply refer to them as 'strip clubs'......?? I am well aware of your feelings in regards to Rihanna and your admiration for several black dancers you have worked with. If I thought you were racist I would not read your blog and certainly not engage in discussing any of your opinions.
I am always interested in what you call the "accepted" reverse racism in this country and I am especially intrigued at how people from other countries form their opinions and perceptions of issues pertaining to the word racist or racism.......
In my humble opinion, I have always imagined that it would be quite challenging and frustrating to be a black dancer for many reasons. Unfortunately, the higher end strip clubs are historically 'sub-contracted' by light skinned ( yet tanned ) dancers and from what I have personally seen ( or not seen ) are few ( if at all ) black dancers.
As a reader of your blog I would be very interested ( in a good way ) to read about your opinions regarding black dancers and what, if any, struggles you think they deal with that differ from dancers of any other race as well as your thoughts on what I will call 'strip club segregation' ( black clubs, white clubs, Mexican clubs, etc. ).....
Thanks for responding to my comment/s, I enjoy exchanging opinions with you :-)

Tatiana on :

I can not tell you how black dancers working in strip clubs feel since I am not black. It wouldn't be fair to them, to take their words and experiences and speak for them. They have their experiences and I have mine. Why don't you befriend some black dancers and ask them these questions.
Also statistically this country is made up by mostly "white" people so it's not surprising to me that a lot of clubs have less black girls than white. Or Asian or Latin. Although the first club I worked at it was an even mix. My first dancer friend, the first girl I became truly friends with in a strip club was from Somalia.
If I were to go to Tokyo and work in a hostess bar I would not find it strange if I were the only, or one of few non Japanese girls working in the hostess bar, it's a given. Unless you seek out a hostess bar or strip club that specifically only hires a certain color or nationality. They did have strip clubs in Tokyo with only non Japanese girls working, I have friends that worked there.
When people go to King Of Diamonds, Magic City or Starz in Gardena CA most of them know that there are mostly black girls dancing there, if not they will find out upon entering. I do not see this as a problem.

mandy on :

"Black clubs" are called black clubs by black people. Just like Ebony is a black magazine, and BET is Black Entertainment Television.

We wouldn't call them white clubs because they have all ethnicities of dancers. The reason why they are predominantly white, is because 1. There are more white people in the area and in general 2. Black girls may feel more comfortable dancing at a predominately black club.
Club Onyx. The Black Orchid. Both black clubs, hence the name.
Also, black girls generally have zero problems making money in a club with predominately white people. There are many men who seek out these girls specifically because it is a fantasy of theirs. I have never heard of sub contracted light skinned black girls. I've worked with many darker skinned girls, one specifically named Marie, who was amazing. She had no problems making money. Also, the club I work at now has many black girls who are wearing their natural hair, instead of wigs and weaves. This is also a very nice place and they all stay very busy.

I personally, as a white girl, wouldn't walk into The Black Orchid for a job, just like I wouldn't expect to be featured in Ebony magazine. Would the girls get angry if we did actually get hired to work there? Most likely. I make this assumption based on the fact that, it is clearly a club for black people, and that I've seen and heard many instances where just like Tatiana said, that the white girl is taking the black mans money. I can't even recall how many times I've been called a dumb white bitch.

Can people get a little reverse racism for that? Sure. There is after all, no clubs that specifically cater to white people, even though black people might see it that way. Also, people can't ask for acceptance and equality when they insist on singling themselves out. This doesn't pertain to just skin color either.

There are many sexually oriented things that cater to one specific desire, like furries and foot fetishes. And thats how I see it. People generally gravitate to those that are like minded, and similar in appearance.

Weave hair goes for a pretty penny these days. "Good Hair" was a cool documentary about that. I can see someone wanting to rip out Tatianas hair hahahaa. I mean, how hard is it to buy that many inches of hair? Not easy I imagine.

It's really annoying that customers sometime think that dancing around naked and wearing high heels isn't enough, and cock stroking must happen to receive deserved money. Shit, cock stroking would be easier than dancing around all night in 6 inch heels butt ass naked, feeling self conscious over your cellulite or whatever.

Tatiana on :

Mandy, I love your wise input! It's been missed! :-)
I too feel like black girls have no problem making money of white guys. I recently heard a decent looking black girl complain that it was because people were racist that she was having a bad night. But I personally think she was just having a bad night. I sure didn't hear her talk about racism on her better nights.....Then there was another one that would sit around all night long and complain about not making money and racism but helloooooo she was fucking nuts, guys were scared of her, that is why she wasn't making money. That woman scared even me. Her face was twitching and her eyes kept on bulging out of their sockets plus her implants were some of the worst I've ever seen. She should not be dancing. Period.
I can imagine if I went in and actually got hired at Magic City and then would loudly tell everyone within earshot that I wasn't making money cause the people in there were racist. ....that's actually hilarious!
I mean, if a white guy says no when I ask him if he wants a dance, I don't think he is racist, neither if a black guy says no or any other color/nationality. I don't care if someone doesn't fancy me cause I'm too this or not enough of that or whatever the reason might be for not getting the dance.
It doesn't matter....I just keep on moving.

The times it does upset me is when I work in clubs, like Mandy says, a lap dance is not enough. You need to do all kinds of nasty shit during the dance. No thanks. Now that's upsetting.

PS. I've seen "Good Hair".

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