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There are still a ton of people in town butchering fish. Party time on the Kenai for the fishing enthusiasts!

While getting my latte today I checked my horoscope. This is what it said for today July 25.

I'm going to translate that. Today is a 6 - that means that I will make $600 something tonight. Keep digging for the truth - I am hearing a lot of lies from somebody I work with but we all know the truth about her anyways. I don't know what the next line with the Venus retrograde means. Some people are really into planetary retrogrades and read into it a lot, I don't care. But the retrograde starts today and lasts until September 6. And for the people that are really into stars and astrology, a Venus retrograde basically means that you need to tread lightly and be cautious. Plus a bunch of other stuff, look it up yourself, I am planning on going about business as usual......Don't trick new tricks - that means that I can't teach the hookers at work anything because they really don't care, they do what they do and it is what it is. The club is full of nasty girls and more are rolling in. I just shake my head in disbelief and feel bad for their husbands and boyfriends at home and hope that people know that not all dancers are like that.
What else is going on? Not much, I'm in bed resting. I did some laundry as you can see.....

I have e few hours to spare before I need to take a shower and get ready, so I am going to walk this little rascal and then come home and play with her.


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