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How fucking cowardly it is to sit and wait for animals to step out of a protected area so you can say you "legally" shot and killed them. People do it here in Alaska too, sit and wait for wolves to step outside of the protected Denali National Park. Animals do not have a sense of where the border is drawn. FUCK YOU all of you fucking bloodthirsty cowards. Is that person that killed this gorgeous lion going to eat him cause he was starving or is he going to stuff the lion and display him in his home? This makes me SICK. You are not my friend if you think this is OK.

(Photo: Zimbabwe National Parks & Game Reserves/Facebook)

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Annette on :

:-( .....I cannot read the story it just makes me to sad and sick to my stomach.

Tatiana on :

It truly is an awful story, you are better off not reading it probably.

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