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Well, since some smart person or people, hacked Ashley Madison and some other douchebag site called Established Men I thought I should add my two cents to the mix. Ashely Madison is like a meetup site for married people looking to cheat, over 37 million members in 46 countries, give and take a certain number of fake profiles. Established Men is a site where men that consider themselves wealthy (money wise) search for money hungry sugar babies to feed. Whoever hacked the sites is threatening to expose all the profiles. I think that is GREAT ! Expose all of them!
In general I am absolutely against cheating. I know that every couple has their own story and stuff happens, life happens and sometimes people cheat. Every single person has their own reason. I don't want to judge anyone but yes, in general I'm against cheating.
I have seen and heard many different stories. The woman married to a man that doesn't want to have sex, they do it perhaps twice a year and she cheated. The married woman that enjoys herself with others around here in this small town when her husband leaves and goes to work on the Slope (Prudhoe Bay). The married men that I encounter at work that are willing to do whatever and give up everything for some "fun". Gross, get away from me!
The woman that I met and talked to last week with the husband she left after she found out about him paying rent for a girl that used to work at the club here, they have two children together I should add.
Oh I too have cheated. As a teenager I cheated on a boyfriend. It was actually quite dramatic and I really hurt him (we both cried a lot) and you know what, to this day I feel guilt over it and it's my biggest relationship blunder ever and that was a long time ago. We were both teenagers, he was a year and a few months younger than me and I though he was immature but later I realized he was "perfect" but then it was too late because he found out about the cheating. The guy I cheated on him with went and told my boyfriend about us after I decided that I wanted to end the little affair and continue on with my boyfriend. The guy thought we were going to be together but I didn't want to, so he decided to get even I guess. That's how my boyfriend found out. Lots of drama. I am still to this day friends with my ex boyfriend.
He is married with two kids and actually very successful and I am happy for him. I am friends with all my significant ex boyfriends, I think that's a good thing.
But back to cheating. If you put that much effort into cheating on your spouse or significant other (if not married) that you create profiles online so you can meet up with people for some meaningless and possibly risky sex, then I think you are putting too much time and energy into it. It seems very deliberate and manipulative and just simply wrong. People make mistakes all the time, like I said I have heard and seen some stuff therefore I do not want to judge but creating a profile with the intention to cheat.....that is too much. And women that only sleep with married men, also a huge NO NO. So not cool. It's one thing if the guy lies to you about being married but if you purposefully seek out married guys then you are a cunning cunt. But then again, I know of a circumstance where the married man left his wife and got married to the other woman and everybody seemed happier afterwards.
I'm sure marriage isn't easy all the time, especially once you have kids. I feel that women sacrifice the most when starting a family. So when a guy cheats on his pregnant significant other or the woman that just gave birth to his child I want to strangle him. Not only do women risk their health (sometimes) with a pregnancy but carry another person inside of them for nine months of their life plus the lifelong responsibility once the kid comes out, give up a possible career and "ruin" their body. The quest for that young and tight body is out of control, you are supposed to bounce back really quick to your pre pregnancy body.
Perky boobs, flat stomach, no stretch marks, tight pussy. I mean it's crazy the pressures society puts on women, it's really sad actually. On top of it your significant other might be ogling other women or going to bars and strip clubs getting way too excited. Seriously if that was me, I would end up on Dateline cause my husband/boyfriend would be found dead somewhere with a severed dick, chopped up and stuffed deep down his throat and a baseball bat jammed up his ass. Yeah, I'm THAT crazy psycho bitch, OK. And proud of it! So yeah, do not talk bad about dancers, contrary to popular belief most of us are not that morally flawed. Cause I have ZERO interest in dating a married guy (I never have), I am against cheating (I learned my lesson) and I know of plenty of NON dancers that cheat. And my favorite kind of guy that comes into the club is actually the guy that is in there by chance (not a frequent visitor at all), that tells me he does not want a dance (and actually doesn't get any all night and sits away from the stage) because he is committed to his girlfriend/fiancee/wife. I think those guys are great.
Much respect to them and I never ever push the issue with some bullshit like, "come on she is not here and bla bla bla". No, I don't do that.
I also know somebody that told me he compares every girl he meets to me and that they never hold up. I only know him from the club and he is young, cute and usually single. It's a nice compliment but.....Just as much as you might be tired of your girlfriend or wife, she is tired of you and your shit too OK, don't fool yourself. Everything is more fun, interesting, hot and heavy and bla bla bla in the beginning - that's normal. Give it some time. There will always be somebody younger, better looking, richer etc. And not every relationship is meant to last forever and some are better off to end sooner than later. But we are not talking about shorter meaningless hookups now, I'm talking about committed, serious relationships. When two people supposedly love each other.
So yeah, people cheat.....millions of people apparently. Different circumstances, sometimes I guess people stay together for the sake of the kid/s or for the joint finances and not much else and they are pretty much OK with extramarital affairs. I can't judge them. I don't know what's going on in their lives. But when the other person is left in the dark and then gets devastated to find out about the cheating then I do have a problem with it. So YES, I think it would be GREAT if everybody on Ashley Madison would get exposed. I don't think sites like that promote anything positive. I mean if you are that unhappy you can separate or divorce right? And let your significant other be able to find happiness somewhere else.
Cheating can be discussed for hours, everybody that ever cheated or been cheated on have their own story, explanation and excuses. Since I have other things to do today I think I am done with my two cents for now.
But here are some public messages from me and Mandy.......I put this up on the announcement board at work.

And Mandy sent me this from somewhere in Nebraska......


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