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I love spicy food! My latest addiction is Sambal Oelek (sauce/paste made from chili peppers). I've had it before but now I'm on my third jar in about a month and a half. I'm gorging on Sambal. My Mom used to tell me that spicy foods and also sauerkraut are really good for your stomach because they balance out the good and bad bacteria. I eat sauerkraut once in a while, I'm Polish after all. Speaking of sauerkraut, I am craving some pierogis stuffed with kraut right good!

I looked up if too much Sambal might be bad for you but it seems like there are only benefits to it, I think you too should look into adding Sambal Oelek to your diet. Listen to nurse Tatiana, I want what's best for you! Spicy is GOOD.
Anyhow, I am glad to say that the club was really busy last night. All three stages going for a while and standing room only, that doesn't happen too often. I guess back in the day and we are talking like 10 years or so ago (before my time) it was always like that throughout the summer and girls would make crazy money but not anymore. I mean about a month ago I had the worst Saturday night I've ever had.....$50. Sure, I'm not the super aggressive hustler type but $50 is shitty for a Saturday night in any strip club, although not unheard of. Well, I've got to get going. I have stuff to do!


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