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Spray Down

Ahhhhh, July is here, which means people are in town, which in turns means that we got more girls at work and that means more drama AND that means I might get some fun stuff to write about! :-D
Last night before work I decided that I was a bit hungry so I stopped by McDonald's and got a small coffee and an oatmeal. Oatmeal at McDonald's you might think? Yes and it's really good too! They have oatmeal at Starbucks too that is good, try it! I took it to go and looked forward to enjoying it when I arrived to work......

When I got to work the dressing room was crowded (more girls at work like I said). We have two dressing room areas. And the one I am in is the smaller of the two and that one that is supposed to be smoke free. Some girls were frenetically spraying themselves down with self tanners, creating clouds of spray. It looked like a chemtrail hazardous area in there, I wish I would had brought a gas mask with me. I opened my locker and decided to wait to eat the oatmeal until the dressing room was empty on girls and chemical clouds. While I bend down and forward to get some stuff out of my locker, this beast......ummmmm, I mean woman, bends over with her bare ass inches away from my head and sprays her neither regions down with a generous amount of FDS. What is FDS? It's Feminine Deodorant Spray in case you do not know. I got a good spray down, face and mouth. I was like.....HELLO??!! I asked her if she could take that to the bathroom perhaps and she replied, with an attitude, that she always sprays her FDS in the dressing room, even in SOUTH DAKOTA OK?! Alrighty then.
Good for you. Then her girlfriend pulls down her panties and sprays her crotch and undies down for a good 10 seconds. More chemical clouds. Yummy. Not.
Now let's talk basic common sense for a second ladies and gentlemen. If you are in a small area that happens to be crowded, it is considered rather rude to start spraying the air down with chemicals, smoke, fart and belch loudly and projectile sneeze. We all know this right? When there are other girls present in the dressing room (if it's a small dressing room) I always step away to an empty area (like the adjacent hallway or a bathroom) if I want to put on some perfume so no other girl needs to inhale it. Or if the dressing room is large enough, I take a step back and make sure nobody is directly behind me before I spritz perfume on myself.
As far as that pussy spray goes.....I don't use that stuff. I shower before work and to me that seems like it should be adequate enough to keep my privates fresh throughout the night. Never had a need for a special deodorant for my VAGINE. But everybody's VAGINE is different I guess. They should make that spray for men I think. BDS. Ball Deodorizing Spray. Men tend to have more hair down there, hence more chance of odor. Right?
This is my latest creation for the announcement board by the way, Strip Club Drama. And the "notes from Charlie" I found in the Backwoodsman magazine. That has been up there for a while, I am responsible for decorating the announcement board.

I had a group of fans from Anchorage in town visiting last night, all in the medical field, mostly surgeons. One has been reading my blog regularly for the last couple of years. So now you know in case you feel weird reading a dancer's nothing weird at all about it. I got people from all over reading about Feminine Deodorant Spray dos and don'ts and whatever else I am doing with my life. Like drinking lots of lattes and eating bread!
This is what I had on last night, in case anyone is curios.

And Boss Lady decided that it is time to collect money for the animal no kill shelter in Nikiski again. It was all Boss Lady's decision this time, she gets all the honor. We have collected a few times before, to the no kill shelter, a spay and neuter fund and a women's shelter. So this is what we got last night. $60. Not bad. Most likely, once we are done with collecting the money I will take the check over to the no kill shelter like I did last time. That was last year. Not only do we offer therapy at the club, we also give back to society! ;-)

Here I am with Chuck. He is Boss Lady's little spoiled baby. This is a normal face expression for Chuck, he mostly looks displeased with the situation in general and he barks angrily at people throughout the night but he is a little cuddly cutie once you get to know him.


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Annette on :

Omg.......FDS you make me laugh out loud sometimes :-)

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