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It is freezing today, all grey and muggy out. I did not want to get up, I curled up behind Chhaya and inhaled her yummy scent, she smells SO good. But we finally had to get out of bed. Now I'm at Coffee Roasters, then I have to get some stuff to eat, then I am going to head home and clean a bit. I went on a serious cleaning mission yesterday. I want to go running later, unless it starts raining, it's been raining a lot lately. I've been so running, not working much. Just lazy I guess. At least Chhaya did some running yesterday, chasing her ball around.

Also I think I just reconnected with a friend today and it feels really GOOD! ❤ I have been thinking about her a lot lately, every time I eat something lemony (like lemon cup cakes or Limoncello Häagen-Dazs ice cream). Maybe my thoughts connected with hers somehow on a subconscious level. We had a falling out, it doesn't matter about what anymore, nothing that we can't put behind us I hope, what matters is that we are talking again. I take friendship seriously. So it's a good day here so far! I read a very exciting article about the scariest haunted houses in the US last night and I am fantasizing about going to some in the fall.
Well, it's time to head out in the cold (60°) and get busy.


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