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Tittie Dollars 101

When you work in a strip club you see and hear a lot of stuff. I sit and observe and take it all in. The other week a really nice guy named Jason, that comes in frequently shared his own thoughts on why spending money on dancers is a good thing. He called it "Tittie Dollars 101". So this is how he feels about it - preach it brother!
"Spending money in a strip club is a good investment's cheaper than having a's safer than nurturing a broken's better than therapy and it's more effective than medication."
There you have it guys, so come on in and start throwing your money around!
I know for sure that I have made people feel better just by talking to them, sometimes somebody just needs to share what's on their mind and get a hug. What immediately comes to mind is the man that came in one night and stood by himself in a corner, looking kind of sad. Turned out that his beloved four legged friend had passed on that day and he could not bear to be home alone with his thoughts. Just writing this makes me tear up. He was not in there to drink or get lap dances, he was in there so he would not have to be home alone without his best friend. SO SAD! So I talked to him, I told him about Chhaya and he shared about his doggie friend and then I gave him a good hug. He thanked me. It is not always about making as much money as possible (at least not for me), people go through up and downs in life and sometimes they just need somebody to listen to them.
Then of course we have the guys that simply can't get enough of girls. They have problems. Seriously, get help. One guy that comes in a lot in the summer time and spends quite a bit of money has a pregnant girlfriend at home. If that was my boyfriend/fiance/husband and he would go and spend money in a strip club while I am at home pregnant I would NOT be happy. That is completely unacceptable to me. So not cool. The other night he told me that we (meaning us dancers) are lucky because guys are so simple. All they want is food and sex. Pretty awful but sadly I kind of have to agree with him. Food and sex. Yep, sounds about right. Then he told me that his girlfriend was going to see Magic Mike and that he wasn't too happy about that. Yeah, watching some oiled up beef cakes gyrating on the big screen, guys you will never meet in real life and having lap dances from a real life breathing person right there is just so comparable. On top of it he gets dances from several girls in the club and tries to touch as much as possible. One night he walked up to me and announced that he would only get a dance with me if he could touch my "titties". Oh yeah? BARF and GROSS. I told him to go and find somebody else, I don't do that shit. Ever. Yeah, fun to have a boyfriend like him.
But you know what, I do think that most guys, given the chance are like that.


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