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The Palomino

When I was in Vegas I decided to try working at the Palomino, I have always been curious about that club. It has been around since 1969 and it's one of the oldest, if not the oldest, strip clubs in Las Vegas. It's the only club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol and has completely nude dancers. All the other clubs that serve alcohol have topless only dancers.

So one night I went in a tried it out. I have to say that the manager that hired me was very nice and professional, that is a HUGE plus. Also, in case you are curious about working there yourself, the first week you work it's free house fee. That is a great offer to take advantage of. The house fees vary depending on what time you come in. You have 45 minutes to get ready and dressed and be out on the floor after you walk into the club. If you are not ready within 45 minutes I guess you can be charged a $10 late fee. I think that 45 minutes is plenty of time to get ready.

But on top of the house fees there are plenty other tip outs at the Palomino, it can become pricey to work there. At the end of your shift you are to tip out the manager, the amount is not set so I guess it's up to you. The DJ, even if you do not go on stage. At the Palomino you have the option to stay off the stage. House Mom needs a tip too, even if you do not use her services or products. She has to sign a piece of paper before you leave so I guess that warrants for a tip (lame). Then you are supposed to valet your car, so the guy that parks your car needs a tip too. I personally hate valet parking, I do not want people I do not know have any access to and drive my car. I just don't like that.
And after every set of dances you do in the VIP room you are supposed to tip the floor "host" that signs you in when you enter the VIP room. I was told by the manager to tip $20 out of every $100 set I do. He told me that all the floor "hosts"/bouncers pool the tips and share them. BUT what? I am dancing 3 songs for $100 and then I'm supposed to give $20 of that away and keep $80 for myself? NO way, that is too much! From my understanding most girls give $10 out of the $100 for 3 songs and the $150 for 15 minutes, which is more fair BUT I don't think that you should pay anything for your dances to the club if you already pay a set house fee. You can also do $20 topless dances out on the floor on a couch in a corner but most people that get dances at the Palomino go in the VIP rooms. What the Fantasy Rooms are all about I do not know, those are located on the second floor. There is also a stage up there but that area did not open up the night I worked.

The VIP rooms are kind of private, meaning they are partially walled off and have sheer curtains that divide the small rooms from each other. The floor host walks around and also lets you know when your time is up. I felt like the Palomino might be too much hands on for my taste. I prefer clubs that are strictly no touching or restricted touching, those are the clubs I do best in. Because it makes it fair. I never ever offer more than lap dances and do not allow touching all over my body. I think that a lap dance is more than enough in a strip club, a full on body pat down is not necessary. I'm not saying that every dancer at the Palomino does extras (extras in strip club lingo means that the dancer offers more than just lap dances) but I do think that there are some that do, for sure. And to prove my point, check out these notices put up in the dressing room areas.

I definitely can't "compete" with that type of "entertainment". And I am using the word "compete" loosely here since I do not see it as a competition. I am a clean dancer, period.
And I take pride in that. If you are looking for something else, I am NOT the girl for you.
I feel like the management/owner of the Palomino put up these kind of messages to the dancers in the dressing rooms because it was a problem and getting out of hand. At least they are trying to clean up the club and not turning a blind eye to these issues, like so many other managers/owners sadly do. So I applaud them for their effort.
I should add here that the Palomino is located in North Las Vegas on Las Vegas Blvd, in an area that is considered bad. Now that doesn't bother me whatsoever. I have worked in many clubs in so called "bad" areas, that doesn't necessary mean that the money is bad.
Many clubs are located in sketchy areas, that's just how it is.
Next to the Palomino, separated by a parking lot, there is another club - Chicas Bonitas.
A club catering to the Latin community from what I understand. A friend of mine went in there to check it out and she told me that a few of the dancers at Chicas Bonitas told her that is was completely normal to leave the club with a guy visiting the club during your shift to a nearby hotel for some extracurricular activities, only to come back to the club when done. So if that is common at Chicas Bonitas it means that the club has a pretty seedy reputation, which tells me that the Palomino might have a similar reputation. I mean, it's right next door.
I felt a bit of a pedophilia vibe at the Palomino. Many of the dancers were under 21.
And looked like it too. Very small and barely developed. You can turn 18 and go in there and start working. The under 21 girls wear special bracelets that tell the cocktail waitresses that they can't be served alcohol plus they have to stay out of the bar area. I personally do not think that girls should be allowed to work in this business until they are 21, this is my own personal opinion based on what I have seen during my years dancing. I feel like many of the young girls are too immature to make good decisions and sometimes do things that they really don't want to do and that they can't stand up for themselves and say no. You might not agree with this but that is my opinion.
Since the Palomino is located in North Las Vegas you have to get a sheriff's card that is valid for that area of town.
Here are some other fun facts about the Palomino.....

The whole thing about sitting on the stage etc is or SHOULD BE common dancer etiquette but still needs to explained a lot to girls. Picking up money with your bare crotch? I mean, really now? I don't even feel like I need to comment on that one....

It is SAD that some "dancers" are prostitutes. Actually they are not dancers when they do whatever they do, they are hookers plain and simple. Do whatever you want to do OUTSIDE of the club. It's not my concern then. You want to have a pimp and have sex with different guys every day.....OK good for you.
Again, I like that the management and owner of the Palomino are working on this issue and that they are trying to uphold a good working environment for the girls.
I only worked at the Palomino one night. To be fair I think that you should work at a club for a week to get a good feel for it, unless there is something you absolutely hate about the place.
I did not stay a week because I had limited time left in Vegas and felt that I would make more money at a different club.


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Brian D. Kramer on :

Now this got my head spinning. I am really curious about this Palomino club. I think I like the management based on this article.

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