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Cuteness alert! One of my friends came by to eat, relax and shower at my house earlier this evening.

Moosie started out by munching on the grass in the yard, spotted the sprinklers and walked right over and just enjoyed taking a shower for a good 10 minutes. I welcome all the animals to my yard, it's safe here, I would never willingly hurt any of them. I hope Moosie comes back for more.


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Annette on :

That put a huge smile on my face

Tatiana on :

OMG Annette, it was the cutest thing to watch!
On another note, did you get the result from that skin sample yet?

Annette on :

Yes was melanoma and they cut it out. I am in Wichita now.... Jax and I are staying at my moms till I decided where to live. I stopped in Kansas City and saw The Rolling Stones :-) on my American Express they sent me information on tickets. This message came acros that said Pssssssst so I opened the icon and they had these tickets called Lucky Dip for 20.00. You show up with your ID and credit card and they escort you to your seat which is a mystery. They were great seats the same seats sold for 300 in Minneapolis. And I treated myself today, I bought an IPhone;-)

Tatiana on :

The Rolling Stones!!!? WOW, I bet that was an experience!
Melanoma.....again? That really sucks, I'm sorry.
I hope you are well!

Chloe on :

Too cute!! :-)

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