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Tustumena Lake Camping

I got back from camping a few hours ago, that's why I was away from the blog. I left Thursday afternoon and spent four nights on a beach at Tustumena Lake. In a tent of course, with Chhaya and three others ( as company. But now I'm back, sunburnt and dirty. Chhaya is exhausted, she likes camping but she never fully relaxes because she is outside in new surroundings and she is very alert at night, any strange sound and she is fully awake and growling. So she is sound asleep next to me right now, catching up on her sleep.
Here are my camping trip pics.....this was on the was out today with the Tustumena Lake sign.

Getting there.

Tustumena lake is Alaska's 8th largest lake and to me it looks huge, especially when you are bobbing through the waves far out on it in a canoe. The lake is about 25 miles long and receives some of it's drainage from Tustumena glacier that was in clear view from where I camped. The water has that beautiful greenish turquoise tint to it that is typical for the glacier fed lakes here in Alaska.

The white spot in the middle of the mountain chain is the Tustumena glacier.

My tent with a million dollar view.

Reading and relaxing with Chhaya. She took a liking to my new camping chair.

Some of the dead trees on the beach. Imagine bonding with this one on a mushroom trip.....I'm kind of tempted to try it.

Surveying the land for wildlife. We saw some moose. Actually the first night two moose waded in the water right past the tent, I really regret not taking a picture of that, I so missed out on an amazing photo right there! A little porcupine climbed up a tree in the early morning hours by the tent, Chhaya got very excited. And the usual fowl life - loons, sea gulls and other birds that I can't name (I'm far from a hobby ornithologist).

Ready for a shower. I always bring a tweezer, a comb, a mirror and a refreshing face spray.
I also bring face soap, moisturizer (day & night) and my toothbrush and toothpaste when I go camping. Sometimes I use that stuff daily, others not. This time I managed to wash my face and brush my teeth twice. Not bad. I also have allotted clothing that I bring for camping and/or hiking. Like this hooded vest, it's been with me since 2001. I remember when I got it (Vegas at the Diesel store at the Forum Shops). I never wear anything that I'm afraid to get torn, dirty or greasy when camping.


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