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Throwback Thursday

How old do pics have to be to be considered "old" enough for Throwback Thursday? I'm not 10 years plus valid enough? I also read somewhere that the pics need to be from a different era in your life. Really? I'm not sure about that but here are a few older pics of me. The era when I pulled my underwear up higher on the hips, that was the "fashion" then and had thinner eyebrows. Yikes on both the pulled up undies and the thin eyebrows!
Besides that I think I look pretty much the same, (a bit) younger looking in the pics and double the amount of hair. Ahhhhh.......the memories!

Photographers Pepe, Norm Fisher and Dominic Petruzzi.


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Paul on :

blast from the past. You don't age?

San Diego Alex on :

Hi T,

It's certainly seems like it's getting close to the ten years mark since I met you at Saphires. Probably close to eight years though. How times flies doesn't? That place was dark but that's about how I remembered you looked from those pictures.

Da Nang!


Tatiana on :

Hi Alex my dear decade long friend!
I hope you are well!

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