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This is what the stage at the Great Alaskan Bush Company looks like. As you can see, no pole. You go up one dancer at a time, unless it's showgirl show night or a box party. Box party means it's somebody's birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party and that person gets to lay down on a large "box" that gets pulled into the middle of the stage. A certain number of girls, usually four, will dance around the lucky victim and lightly abuse (spanking and boob mauling) and entertain them. The stage gets lit up by all kinds of lights and it's usually fun to go on stage at the Bush Company.
Showgirl show night used to happen Wednesday through Saturday when I worked at the Bush a few years ago. It seems to have changed to once a week now - Wednesday night.
The girls that do the shows are referred to as show girls and some of the shows that they put on are REALLY good. I loooove watching the shows.
The girls work on a theme and often wear elaborate costumes. I've seen them use fire, liquids, oil, candle wax, paint, glitter, milk, acrobatics, getting pulled onto the stage inside a suitcase, aerial silks - it's very impressive!
If you're in Anchorage, try to go to the Bush Company on a Wednesday evening for show night, you won't be disappointed.

This pic is taken from the upstairs where the dressing rooms are and the office. The regular lights are on here since the night is over. Note the cool wooden statues up in the left corner. The club reminds me of a rustic old time saloon/brothel.

Of course I needed some pics of myself on the stage. This is at the beginning of the night before any people were in the club (only a few) and we had not started stage yet. I could not decide which pic to use, so here are three. The more the better!

And this pic is taken from a small area behind the stage where girls change costumes on show night, apply some last minute lip gloss, fix their hair or outfit before their turn on stage and we also check our privates......pussy check or kitty check. Yes, tampon strings should not be hanging out when on stage, remnants of toilet paper is not SEKSI either or whatever else that could be hanging out inside a vagina. It is what it is.


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