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Country Sunday

Country Sunday at the Bush Company is over with and I'm in bed with Chhaya, showered with my hair up in a bun. When I first walked through the door I threw myself on the bed, stretched and petted Chhaya......something like this.

So country music is really not my choice of music to dance to but I don't mind it, I can deal with it once in a while. I only went on stage twice tonight and can't even recall what songs I danced to besides that I had no clue to what the songs were. We were supposed to have country music until 11 pm but ended up playing it all night until closing. Sundays are generally laid back and I had a pretty fun night. I had some great conversations both tonight and last night about religion, politics and theories about what happens when you die.
SO NICE to talk about something meaningful because I did also endure a couple of morons this week. So below basic that I just can't comprehend how some people manage to function in the world? Not only basic, super annoying too. Perhaps those are some behaviors that only come out in a strip club/bar setting? I did not dress country tonight, same style as usual. Some girls wore cowboy hats, tank tops and even chaps. They looked cute. Chaps on a nice behind is a good sight.

I got asked about my underwear, I guess somebody wanted to buy some for his girlfriend, at least that was his explanation. LOL. Well, once again.....I wear HoneyDew boy shorts style.

A Bush Company bucket. Used on stage when collecting larger amounts of money. It's faster to scoop up the money into a bucket.


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Annette on :

Aw......such a sweet accent and you looked so beautiful!!!! Now I can put a voice to your blog. Thank you for sharing that with me. The Swedish Band was Crucified Barbara and they had a similar accent :-) I love seeing confident women doing something they love. My friends back home are texting me more ....excited I am coming home. That helps with the saddness of leaving here. Everyone here wants to eat with me to say good bye so I am limiting my breakfast and lunch to protein shakes :-) I don't dance so I can't burn the calories like you do!

Tatiana on :

I bet your friends in Kansas are happy and the ones in Minneapolis sad. How bittersweet....
Yeah.....that interview is three years old now. It weird to see yourself on camera and hear yourself talk.
Yes, dancing (especially if you work a lot) will keep the weight in check.

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