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Line Up

Saturday night at the Bush Company is over with. This was tonight's line up....over 30 girls tonight and last night.

I sat around doing nothing, besides being super bored until past 11 pm, then we got busy and I was occupied the last three hours. So I ended up having a good AND fun night.
And I finally put my super sparklies to work (Bejeweled-701 by Pleaser). I've been holding onto them for.....almost 1 1/2 year I think? I'm not sure what I have been waiting for, the right place? Not wanting to ruin them? Well, they are officially in use. They made their debut at the Bush Company.


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Mr. B on :


Tatiana on :

Yes! That's what I thought too.....

Mr.B on :

Legs - I meant.
The shoes are a nice effect though.

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