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No Time

Sorry that I am not updating as frequently as usual but I simply have no time. I'm working every day and I feel like a stripper machine. Something like this......

Throw in eat food, walk Chhaya, shower, shave, wash hair, put on lotion and slap on some make up and you have the full picture. What's kind of funny is when I first started dancing I WOULD actually dream about dancing and sometimes wake up from a vivid dream that I was on stage doing some routine involving stretching my body out or twirling around the pole.
I would wake up all confused and frazzled thinking I was at work and then realize I was actually in bed. Now I rarely dream about work, at least not that I remember but I rarely recall my dreams.
Well I tried a new (for me) coffee place. Steam Dot. Not bad.

And I am staying in an extremely overpriced room. The prices for hotel rooms go up significantly in the summer time. This is when everybody in Alaska with a business wants to cash in on the tourist season. If I didn't have Chhaya with me I could had stayed at some place like the Sockeye Inn for about $365/week but that means sharing shower facilities with others. I can do that for a while I guess. But since I have Chhaya I am paying a little over $1000 (yes, one thousand) for a week. You would think I would get a bad ass room for that price, something similar to the Wynn in Las Vegas right? But no, this is Anchorage and it is what it is. Hey, at least I have my own shower and a sink next to the bed. It could be worse I guess.....


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