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My intention was to write a longer entry about the Bush Company so far, since I've been working for three nights. But I just pulled two ten hours shifts in a row and I am exhausted. My body wants sleep. My eyes are closing and my mind needs rest.
So instead of rambling on and on I will keep it short. First of all, this is the coolest rules of conduct sign I've ever seen. This hangs so you see it when you enter the club.

Pay special attention to the "no touching the women" and the "no photography allowed" part.

I had a bad headache yesterday and today. Awful. I did not bring anything with me because I rarely get headaches, so today I had to get some pills. My new perfume is Juicy Hollywood.
I also tried a shimmery oil tonight by L'Occitane, gold shimmer but decided to save it for my non working life. It's too oily for stage and you can't even see the subtle shimmer. So there's no point in slathering it on at work.


And with that.....I'm saying goodnight. It's almost 4 am and I am tired.


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Landis on :

When you said you were taking a road trip in Alaska, I figured you were headed to the Bush. Hope you have fun while you're there.
I do miss my Bush Co family.

Tatiana on :

Landis!!! I thought about you last night! The club is NOT the same without you there. Wednesday night means show night and you would be the announcer. You did a great job.
The new dj (some new kid) said "Tatiana from Russia with love" when I was going on stage. I was like WTF?! LOL. I told him to not say where I'm from period, plus it's not Russia anyways.
Larry and John are still there.
Bush Co misses you too!

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