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Scrap Book

I finally got a lot done today. I had so much paperwork to go through, organize and put away. Receipts, mortgage statements, bills, letters, cards.....most of everything has a folder or a specific place. I'm one of those persons that likes to keep my stuff in order. Although it sometimes looks like a complete mess before the order takes place, this time I "only" procrastinated for about a month.....Well, I feel really good that I got all of that done.
And while doing that I came across my new pink scrap book and decided that I would start putting it to use, starting tonight. My old scrap book is full, cover to cover with stuff and this pink one will be my new one. What I do is collect small clippings from magazines, pics, post cards etc that I feel mean something to me. It could be anything from the Mumintrollen postcards that I picked up in Sweden to a picture of a beautiful long braid that I got from a fashion magazine. I'm going to put Fairy Queen on the first page (very fitting I think) followed by the card that says "It's so exhausting being fabulous!". That card used to be up in my locker at the Bush Company and later on my fridge. It's very me.

My last scrap book took years to fill. Sometimes I forget all about it. Once a friend saw me fiddle around with my scrap book and said only tweakers do stuff like that. Really? Having a scrap book is a tweaker occupation? You should see my photo albums then!

Now to a local even that took place this past weekend and no I did not attend. The Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival. What is it......well let me just directly quote from the article I found at written by Victoria Barber.
"Trapper Creek Bluegrass, perhaps Alaska's quirkiest festival, is located on about 40 acres of land called Boot’s Bison Ranch off the Parks Highway. The event is part music fest and part installation art show, with an atmosphere that's like a house party in a gypsy caravan that is also throwing a yard sale.
Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival is as close to Burning Man as you’ll find in Alaska, drawing a crowd of counter-culture, artistically minded individuals who -- it must be said -- know their way around a hallucinogen or two. Held two weekends of the summer, over Memorial Day weekend and in August, it's gained popularity largely through word of mouth.

Should I bring a child to Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival?
There are usually some children at Trapper Creek and there is a somewhat sheltered camping area reserved for families, but the answer probably depends on how you feel about your child being in the same general area as loose dogs, derelict cars and boats and hundreds of adults who are drunk and/or tripping balls.

Will I enjoy Trapper Creek if I’m sober?
Perhaps you’re that rare kind of person who has a good time while sober and surrounded by friends and strangers who are partying. You find it delightful and entertaining when someone randomly whips out a howling rendition of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” at 5 a.m. by your tent, or includes you as a prop in their impromptu poi performance. However, if sober you finds this kind of behavior intensely irritating, the answer is: maybe for a few hours or an afternoon. Probably much not longer than overnight."

When I read the "howling rendition of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” at 5 a.m. by your tent" I started laughing HYSTERICALLY here in my bed. Chhaya woke up at started staring at me all wild eyed and hopeful that it was playtime. THAT is some funny shit......that's a festival for you! I'm sitting here thinking about Burning Man wishing I was back at the Playa surrounded by thousands of fun drunk and/or tripping balls people. GOOD TIMES!


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