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It's Memorial Day here in the great US of A. I was home last night and watched some footage on TV of people lost in war and others talking about lost loved ones, so sad. I cried a bit.
I hate war and all that it brings but then who doesn't?

And then I found out that John Nash and his wife Alicia died in an completely unnecessary accident. Got even more sad. I've been reading about Nash's thoughts on "consumers of mental health organizations" and I very much agree. It's kind of scary that people are blindly medicating themselves without thinking about the consequences, or caring it seems. Sure.....I know that medications help people, even I take a pill once in a while if I have a headache or bad menstrual cramps but I also believe that medications do more harm than good for some. Children and TODDLERS are taking antipsychotics, antidepressants and stimulants.
The numbers of kids on medications seems to be increasing. My opinion on that in short is, WTF? Anyhow, both Nash and his wife were brilliant and and I think it is very sad that they died.


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