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I've been having some lemon cravings for a while now. When I was in Omaha last October, me and Mandy went out to eat and each got some kind of a lemon cupcake or something with's been so long now that all I can recall is that it was something lemon and REALLY good. So good we would talk about it several times afterwards.
A few months ago I discovered this Häagen-Dazs - Limoncello. One week I ate five of these, yes five. SO GOOD! I could probably eat one a day. I'm craving one badly right now!

Last week I went to dine at a local place here in Kenai called The Flats Bistro. I tried the lemon crème brulée. Best part of dinner is dessert, right? Well, I could not stop thinking about that crème brulée so I had to go back for some more a few days ago. So worth a visit!

Last year Julia told me about Noosa yoghurt, I am now addicted. If you have not tried Noosa yet, you have to! I love most of their flavors but lately I have been stuck on the lemon. YUMMY!


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