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Curiosities Of Charlie's

I work in a small club in the middle of nowhere when I'm in Alaska. The club is very interesting, the decorations are definitely not what you would expect to see in a Spearmint Rhino or any larger club in a big city. When I first came to Alaska to work I started at the Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage. That was like nothing I had ever seen before, I thought the club was very strange looking and rustic. Not the usual comforts I was used to from the clubs I had worked at before in Las Vegas. And then I arrived at Good Time Charlie's in Soldotna and was like WTF, is this place REAL???!! Now I had never seen anything like THAT before. Since that first night I started, years ago now, the club has definitely improved look wise, Boss Lady has done a lot to add to the charm of the club and I have done some too besides showed up there to work. ;-) But Boss Lady is responsible for most.
Good Time Charlie's is such an interesting pace that Charlie (yes, Charlie actually exists and is the owner) even got contacted by some production company that wanted to talk to him about a possible reality TV show after they had came across MY blog, thank you very much. But Charlie declined the offer. I am very disappointed because if there is ANY strip club out there that deserves it's own reality show it is Good Time Charlie's! SERIOUSLY We would blow up bigger than "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "The Duggars" combined without any of that child molestation crap. We only molest grown men (sometimes women too) and take their money, plus we look good doing it. Somebody needs to alert TLC and tell them to contact Charlie about a reality show that will blow all other reality shows out of the water! Nobody wants to watch a family with 19 kids and questionable practices anymore, or Mama June making "Sketti" when they can watch our hijinks at Charlie's!

I'm going to show you some of the curiosities of Charlie's.
First of all, the mysterious shoes that are lined up on top of some lockers. Not your typical looking stripper shoes. Why were they left behind? Did the owner/s of the shoes walk out of the club barefoot that night or in their platform stripper heels? Were they in a hurry?
I have an offer for any used shoe enthusiasts out there too good to be refused! If you see a pair of shoes in this line up that you are interested in, let me know and I will send them to you. All you have to pay is shipping costs. See how generous I am to my fellow human beings?

Now check out these shoes that are just sitting alone in a locker accompanied by a cigarette and a curling iron. Talk about mystery! This can be the beginning of a crime novel. Where is the girl that wore these white size 10 chunky heels, brand "Anna"? Did she curl her hair and chain smoked cigarettes? I will ship these too but since I feel that these shoes come with an air of mystery attached to them, you will have to pay shipping AND give me a $150 donation.
I will throw in a Good Time Charlie's t-shirt in the package. Let me know what size t-shirt you want and color (black or white).

Here is our announcement board. I am responsible for most of the content on it, except the thank you note from the no kill animal shelter in Nikiski that I personally delivered the money to that we collected at work (don't ever say that strippers never contribute to anything good OK!), where to park your car, the curling iron issue and when to get paid for dances.
I personally never take money upfront and I never had problems with getting paid.
If somebody would try to walk out of the club without paying for a dance or dances from me I would swiftly throw my seven inch heel in the back of their head, then kick them in the crotch with the other foot that still had a heel on it. See if you'd like that treatment! Amazingly there are some people that do, I need to write a blog about that! Personal experience actually.

I love the information pamphlets about chlamydia, genital warts and herpes. I picked those up at Planned Parenthood. At Christmas time I decorated the club's Christmas tree with them. You should put some STD pamphlets up on YOUR tree next Christmas, that will for sure be a great conversation starter when your relatives come over for dinner!

Now this is a basket full of rolled up dollars, also known at Charlie's as money balls. This is usually how we get tipped on the bar stage. If nobody is tipping, Boss Lady will loudly yell, "Throw her some money boys!!!" and that takes care of the problem. I sometimes spend 30 minutes or more/night unrolling dollar bills. It's not unusual to find fives in there, sometimes tens and twenties. The other night somebody donated a $50 bill to me. I must had looked hungry or miserable or something like that to get a bill that large.
I am certainly not complaining about unrolling dollar bills. There are definitely worse problems out there! Like having no money at all. I can't even imagine!

I love this sign. Yes, if you complain at Charlie's you will get bitch slapped. Usually Boss Lady administers the bitch slaps but when her hands get tired we have plenty of other aggressive ladies that will gladly take over. Please pay us a visit to find out for yourself!
I also love my new bra. Pretty, huh? The other night somebody thanked me more than once and told me that I am truly "a gift to this land" when I got off stage. I collect unusual compliments and this one will be added to the list. Super sweet!

I have more curiosities of Charlie's to show but will save those for another time. I can't let you have all of our goodies at once!


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