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Wednesday Night Fever

I finally went to work after about a week and a half break. See this is why I don't know if I could ever have a "normal" job with a set schedule. I like to take breaks and do what I want, meaning sleep, be with Chhaya, read, watch movies, write, think about the meaning of life, take baths etc. Of course not having a schedule can make you lazy, unmotivated and feel slightly crazy, I get like that once in a while. When I feel that slight craziness creep on I go to work and that takes care of that problem right away. I noticed that if I don't work for too long I don't feel well, therefore I don't understand how people that don't work or do anything besides sit at home all day long feel good? I need to find a J. Howard Marshall QUICK before I get too old for even a J. Howard Marshall, then I can sit around and drink sweet iced tea, mingle with the other ladies that do lunch and get seriously involved in charity. ;-)
Last night was kind of slow. In the beginning it was awful, three confused and inbred looking weirdos just sat there with their mouths agape and a very inebriated (it's a normal condition around here) older guy sat down next to me and attempted to have a "conversation".
He informed me of owning three houses in Costa Rica, owning a car (nooooooo way!!!) and wanted to take me sailing plus a bunch of other meaningless mumbo jumbo. Asked what my name was at least five times, short term memory problems apparently. Then he said that he was a millionaire and needed somebody to give his money to. I asked him if he has any kids. Yes, one. I said give the money to your kid. The girl that would had been all over his imaginary stories about houses in Costa Rica and a fat saving account was not present last night.
She would had sucked his wallet dry within 45 minutes, pocket change included. Then she would had him take her grocery shopping after work, him footing the bill of course.
I can't stand being around annoying and drunk people so I suffered politely for ten minutes and then excused myself. So thinking about it, I would rather be poor and alone with the company of animals (like Brigitte Bardot) than to have to spend my days "sailing" with somebody like that. Torture! No J. Howard Marshall for me when I really analyze the situation. LOL. I was just kidding about that anyways. I am so not a gold digger.
My ensemble for the evening. The pink bow in the bra and the pink trim in the panties really pop in the black light.

My Wednesday Night Fever pose.....Tony Manero style. I need to watch that movies again, say what you want about John Travolta nowadays, Scientologists are creepy to me but man could he DANCE back in the day!


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Mumintrollet on :

"I need to find a J. Howard Marshall QUICK before I get too old"

What kind of money are we talking about here? ;-)

Maybe I need to do a checkup on the security of the local banks...

Tatiana on :

Enough for a life time supply of daily lattes, frequent massages and facials and whatever else I point at. So lot$$$$$.

Mumintrollet on :

I like the "silhouette" picture.

Could you do some more , try to get more contrast between glittery background and body contour?

Tatiana on :

Not sure, it's not that easy to get a good pic in there because of the lights.....

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