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I have been watching some Netflix documentaries the last few days that I will see if I can reflect on here tomorrow or so. Documentaries, when dealing with serious and dark matters are kind of depressing. But great at the same time, it's good to get reality presented to you instead of all the fake and pretend stuff that we are surrounded by on a daily basis.
I made a little fire today. I burn stuff like ice cream containers, napkins, empty paper cups that had my latte in them (when I don't bring my reusable cup to the coffee shop), egg cartons, basically anything burnable goes in the fireplace. I also have firewood stacked up, that goes in the fire too but not today since I only wanted to burn some scraps. My hair smells like now.

I feel tired because I had to get up early yesterday, went to bed late and didn't sleep well last night. My body wants to sleep but I have stuff to do. Better go and take care of it I guess.......


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